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"A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language"

Interview With Me About Toonspirit And Toon Language

Color Key

Lessons From Games (Card, Board, Video Etc.)

Yugioh Disclaimer

Yugioh Intro (Some information about how to interpret the lesson decks))

YugiohI (Beat Down Deck)

YugiohII (Pure Evil)

YugiohIII (Chancy)

YugiohIV (Trinity Protection)

Atari2600--Pitfall!:  Stepping Stones

Spiritual Lessons From The Chessboard By The Piece

Sources For This Spiritual Chess Manual

I) Atari2600 Video Chess Manual

II) Persecution Of Christians Timeline

III) Dictionary Meaning Of Bishop

IV) Dictionary Meaning Of Pawn

V) Matthew Henry Commentary Of Revelation 21: 9-27

NES--Super Mario Bros. 3:  Bridge Over Troubled Water