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A Spiritual Lesson in Toon Language: Lesson 1

Topic: Music: God's Gift to Man

Series: Smurfs and Digimon

Episodes: "Can't Smurf the Music" (Smurfs), "Kazu's Upgrade" (Digimon)

Lesson PDF link: 1.pdf


I use clips from a Digimon episode called "Kazu's Upgrade" and the Smurfs episode "Can't Smurf The Music". This is a simple lesson about music and joy (how they go hand-in-hand). This is something everyone needs.

Scriptures used include Psalms 98 (whole chapter).

What is your definition of music? Why is music important to you and which type is your favorite? Do you know that music is God's gift to us and that we should use this powerful gift for His good?

This clip is from an episode of Digimon called "Kazu's Upgrade". This episode is about creatures called Gekomon who like to sing, but a big mean guy called Orochimon enslaves them. Orochimon wants to be a bully and steal all the joy out of these creatures.

Have you felt like you were extremely sad and not wanting to do anything because nothing would make you happy? Look at these clips. See how proud the villain is, notice the hopelessness and resentment the Gekomon are experiencing. What do you think of our villain?

Digimon: "Kazu's Upgrade" clip 1: Direct link for video/webm

Digimon: "Kazu's Upgrade" clip 2: Direct link for video/webm

The next clip is of Orochimon's defeat and the Gekomon singing their song.

Digimon: "Kazu's Upgrade" clip 3: Direct link for video/webm

What do you think about the Gekomon song? How can you explain that music can come from unusual places.

Next is a cartoon from the Smurfs series called "Can't Smurf the Music". This is about music of a different kind. Can you tell me anywhere else that music comes from besides your radio or you singing out loud?

Smurfs: "Can't Smurf the Music": Direct link for video/webm

What is your opinion on Chlorhydris's plan to take out all of the love of the world? Can you tell me where other music can come from? Why is the joyous music in our hearts so powerful? (Pause for reflection.)

Bible study-- Read Psalms 98

Linking to the cartoons, what does this scripture mean to you?

God wants us all to be joyous and sing to Him. This is whether you can't sing but try, you sing from the heart, or out loud. Try and sing a song of joy all the time. If you are sad, take time to say a prayer and ask God to help you. These songs may be out loud, but mostly this means keep a joyous heart and the music will surely follow. Sometimes you are not to sing out loud. When this happens, remember to sing for joy in your heart and God will hear it just the same.