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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 11

Topic: Prejudice

Series: Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers

Episode: "Bearing Up Baby"

Lesson PDF link: 11.pdf


I use the Chip N' Dale episode "Bearing Up Baby". This simple lesson shows in pretty good detail what Jesus talks about when He teaches on judging others when one needs help with his own sins against God. This is more or less about judging differences and good intentions falsely as evil. This lesson does not cover false religion or beliefs at all. This, remember is a life lesson.

Scriptures used include Matthew 12: 22-37 and Luke 6: 37-42.

Think of a time when you were misunderstood or when you had good intentions and someone took it the wrong way. What was one of those times? How did you take it, in other words your reaction? Did the situation work out or turn out well in the end?

Cartoon "Bearing Up Baby" (Chip N' Dale):

Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers: "Bearing Up Baby": Direct link for video/webm

What do you see about prejudice in this cartoon? In other words, how did the kid's parents misunderstand the bear?

Bible Study: Matthew 12: 22-37, Luke 6: 37-42 (In that order)

How was Jesus misunderstood? Why do you think he was misunderstood? In the cartoon, why was the bear misunderstood? Do you think the parents are being good parents? In the second passage of scripture, Jesus is talking about someone who has a plank in his eye trying to take the speck of sawdust out of someone else's eye. Do you think that the parents have the plank or the sawdust? The bear? Why do you think this way? Why is it important not to judge?

The bear had a problem. He wanted to keep the kid because the kid loved him. Despite the prejudice and the real possibility of getting himself shot, the bear did the right thing. Don't you think that this would be hard for you? Those gunshots are kind of like people's opinions about you when you do the right thing.

This is a hard thing to understand isn't it? Even though doing the right thing can be scary, it is important to do it regardless of the consequences.

Have you done anything that you got a lot of weird looks for or no support from other people for, but you did it anyway? What did this feel like? Would you do it again, knowing the consequences? What would Jesus do and have you do in your situations?

Do the right thing regardless of being mistreated and misunderstood. Explain yourself given the opportunity or needed, but do things right regardless of the reaction you get. Pray for the right answer and do it.