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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 12b

Topic: Keeping Promises, Breaking Promises II - Sin: A Promise That Needs To Be Broken

Series: Smurfs

Episode: "Smurfette's Rose"

Lesson PDF link: 12b.pdf


We are talking about sin. Under the new covenant that Jesus gave us humans, we are told that if we commit a sin, we are in effect, promising the Devil our spirit. God doesn't like this promise and wants us to break our word to the Devil because God wants us to be redeemed. Since God owns everything (including such promises and the Devil) the Devil won't be happy because Jesus paid for these promises and broke the Devil's said contracts. Jesus did this according to His blood atonement laws so we don't have to go down to Hell forever (the Devil's payment that he seeks). I use the Smurfs episode "Smurfette's Rose" to illustrate this and illustrate it well.

Scriptures used include Luke 7: 36-50.

We are going to discuss sin in general. Sin is anything that God does not want you to do. Sin separates us from God. Did you know that sin is a bad promise to the Devil and God wants us to break it?

Cartoon: I will show "Smurfette's Rose":

Smurfs: "Smurfette's Rose": Direct link for video/webm

What promises were made in this cartoon?

First, I want everyone to picture Mother Nature as the 'God Character' here. Second, I will interpret the cartoon's links to the Bible story in this lesson.

Sassette made a promise to water Smurfette's flowers and failed because she forgot. Smurfette got mad understandably but did the wrong thing with her anger. Sassette apologized profusely and was eventually forgiven (Goody for Smurfette to forgive!) Smurfette however wanted a blue rose so bad that she made a foolish promise to Mother Nature in order to make it. Smurfette listened to the 'Smurf Devil' and consented to make it.

Did you know that this is a promise to the 'Smurf Devil'? Sin is like this:

Bible Story II: Luke 7: 36-50 (Anointing of Jesus By A Sinful Woman)

When the Devil tempts us to sin it is like him offering us a loan with such a high interest that we cannot pay back. We get the experience of the sin that yields enjoyment for a short time, but then we regret ever making that agreement after awhile because we find out that the interest on this loan is losing our spirit to the Devil. In effect we 'promise' the Devil our spirit in return for a short-lived enjoyment of a sin. God doesn't want us to have to keep this kind of promise because nothing good will come out of it. At the end of the cartoon Smurfette is sick of what she did and what it is costing her. Her freedom, color, and enjoyment of life are at stake. If Mother Nature hadn't consented to the breaking of her word, she would have been physically, and yes, probably spiritually unhappy. Have you made one of these 'promises to the Devil' that you want out of? Ask God to forgive you and have His consent to break your word to the Devil. Your soul is too good and valuable to be given over to the Devil. God owns everything including the Devil. God is higher than the Devil and therefore owns your 'promises to the Devil'. Be free of any of these 'promises to the Devil'. Ask Jesus into your heart today or ask him to forgive you if you need to be. Be free indeed!!