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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 14a

Topic: Final Judgment I - It's A Party!

Series: Tom and Jerry

Episode: "The Two Mouseketeers" (Tom and Jerry)

Lesson PDF link: 14a.pdf


Fun Fact: This two-part lesson set works with some of the most graphic scriptures about the impending Judgment Day that we all face.

We are using the Tom and Jerry short "The Two Mousketeers". This lesson is best described in my opinion as one of the tightest fitted Bible to cartoon parallels in this collection of lessons. This lesson portrays the Devil as the self-proclaimed guardian of God's wedding banquet for the believers in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Scriptures used include Luke 14: 15-24; Jude chapters 17-24; and Rev. 19: 1-9.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the end of time? In your own words what do you think it will be like, what do you think it will feel like?

Although we can't know what that would be like, the Bible teaches a lot about it. God wants us to use our imagination about this topic and have hope in Him through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Cartoon Show: "The Two Mousketeers" (Tom and Jerry):

Tom and Jerry: "The Two Mousketeers": Direct link for video/webm

This lesson will cover: Luke 14: 15-24, Jude 17-24, Rev. 13, Rev. 19: 1-9, Rev. 20: 1-6, Rev. 20: 7-10 (To Be Read During The Divisions Of Discussion over Parts I and II)

We will now discuss the cartoon and the symbols.

In the cartoon we see a huge feast. This symbolizes the Marriage Supper of the Lamb or Wedding Banquet.

Enter Tom in this cartoon. We will treat Tom as the Devil character for this lesson. Tom's assignment in this cartoon is to protect the Great Banquet from the King's Mouseketeers. This assignment is given to Tom by a guard. The guard symbolizes Tom's (The Devil's) mind and heart.

Therefore, these symbols portray the Devil as a self-proclaimed protector of the Great Banquet. The Devil doesn't want anyone to partake. So he will try to get people to think that something is more important.

Bible Study I: Read Luke 14: 15-24

The King's Mouseketeers (Jerry and the French gray mouse) symbolize who Christians are. Christians strive for this Great Banquet. In this cartoon we see our two heroes Jerry and the French gray mouse, where Jerry is clearly the more experienced swordsman; while the gray mouse is klutzy and doesn't see some things he shouldn't do and does them (like trying to eat before getting rid of the enemy). In our cartoon Jerry seems to get into about as much trouble because sometimes he is not as experienced as their enemy. Although they both seem to get into trouble, the King's Mousketeers defend one another beautifully. They get each other out of the snare of the enemy.

Bible Study II: Read Jude 17-24

The faith of weak Christians needs to be strengthened, the snares of the enemy broken. May God be praised!! With His help and also with the help of living temples of the Lord Almighty, we will persevere and win the prize. Near the end of the cartoon we see our heroes, even with the help of the weaker gray mouse, defeat Tom (The Devil) and eat of the Great Banquet and head home in triumph.

Bible Study III: Read Rev. 19: 1-9

Heading home in triumph, of course symbolizes getting to go to heaven. At the very end of the cartoon, we see that the guillotine beheads Tom. Because of what he has done, the Devil will be judged and thrown into Hell forever and ever. As Tom dies in the cartoon, so will Satan. The only thing is that Satan will forever die. Tom didn't do his mission to protect the Great Banquet. The Devil wants to "protect" God's Great Banquet from us and he will fail miserably and be judged just for trying it.

Next time we will look at the Judging of Satan in more detail. What do you think of the symbols of this cartoon? Now that you have seen this cartoon and its symbols, what do you think it will feel like to experience the joy of the Great Banquet and forever be with Jesus? On the other hand, what would it be like to experience what the people who don't follow and believe in Jesus and the Devil himself (along with his angels) would experience?

We probably don't know how to exactly answer either one much, but we don't want to really think about what the Devil will experience except that we don't want to experience it.