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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 15

Topic: The True Meaning Of Christmas

Series: Charlie Brown Special

Episode: "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (Charlie Brown Special)

Lesson PDF link: 15.pdf


This lesson is pretty simple but effective for all people who are interested in a cartoon Bible study. This mostly focuses on Jesus's physical birth and the Bible focus is actually in the cartoon itself. We use a special that is on every single year (at least at this time). This special is "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Most people (I would think anyway) have watched this at least once in their lives and it does a good job of showing why we Christians celebrate it and its true meaning to us Christians. It's not glitz, glamour, or presents. It is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Scriptures used include Luke 2: 8-14.

Today we are talking about Christmas and its meaning to us. Before we begin, I will ask what do you think Christmas is to you? Do you think of presents, the Christmas tree, time with family/friends, the food?

Cartoon Show: I will show the holiday special: "A Charlie Brown Christmas":

Charlie Brown Special: "A Charlie Brown Christmas": Direct link for video/webm

Bible Study: Luke 2: 8-14

What does this scripture mean to you? Do you see the underlying theme that led up to our Bible story? What is wrong with the attitude portrayed in the cartoon? What is the true meaning of Christmas?

What do you think about the birth of Jesus? Was this fit for a king such as Jesus? How is Linus like Jesus? What do you think of everyone making fun of Charlie Brown? Isn't it a stark difference to what Linus did? What do you think of the Christmas tree that Charlie and Linus pick? Would you pick this tree? Would Jesus? What would Jesus think of Charlie's friends? Linus?

What do you think about the things we have learned overall? When Linus was doing things with his blanket he was acting like Jesus. Linus used his blanket to show love and humility in the late stages of the picture and Linus knew the true meaning of Christmas despite his friends (except Charlie) only thinking of themselves and fruitless selfish stuff. Selfishness isn't what Christmas is about. Christmas is about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of the other stuff that Christmas is about (the friends, the family, the food, good times, and yes the presents) is great but they need to be secondary to the true meaning of Christmas, which is Jesus!!!

At this cartoon's end, there was a very good point that even further proves the point of this study. When Charlie and Linus pick their tree, it was the ONLY real tree. Everything else was made of metal. Charlie and Linus picked this tree because it felt good to them. What Linus said was very true. 'I don't know Charlie Brown. Remember what Lucy said? This doesn't seem to fit the modern spirit.' This is true. People sometimes get so 'wrapped up' in their wrapping of presents and the tree that they forget what the true meaning of Christmas truly is. That is what God wants us to see in this show. So, enjoy the holiday, but have Jesus at the center of it and much more enjoyment will come of it.