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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 18a

Topic: The Azraels Of Life I - Love My Azraels Don't You?

Series: Tom and Jerry, Smurfs

Episode: "That's My Mommy" (Tom and Jerry), "All Creatures Great And Smurf" (Smurfs)

Lesson PDF link: 18a.pdf


We are doing a lesson that talks about loving enemies. I use the Smurfs episode "All Creatures Great And Smurf" and the Tom and Jerry episode "That's My Mommy". This lesson gives a command to respect and love the lives of even our worst enemies. This theme is repeated in the session after this one with a twist.

Scriptures used include Luke 6: 27-36 and Luke 23: 32-49.

What is an enemy? Do you think that you have one? If you don't think that you have one of these, then great!! If you have one, think of this person right now. If you don't, picture what this enemy would be like. How would this person treat you? More importantly, how would you treat this person?

Cartoon Show: "All Creatures Great And Smurf" (Smurfs):

Smurfs: "All Creatures Great And Smurf": Direct link for video/webm

Bible Study I: Luke 6: 27-36 (Love For Enemies)

Who is the enemy in this cartoon? Picture Natural Smurf as the Jesus character of the cartoon. What is the link between Natural and Jesus? Why did it take Natural so long to gain support for his cause of helping Azrael? If you were in a situation like this in real life, would you help Azrael, even though he would only want to eat you or kill you normally? I would think helping Azrael would take a lot of guts don't you? Would Jesus help Azrael? Why or why not?

Let's go a little deeper. I am going to show a cartoon from Tom and Jerry called "That's My Mommy".

Cartoon Show: "That's My Mommy" (Tom and Jerry):

Tom and Jerry: "That's My Mommy": Direct link for video/webm

Bible Study II: Luke 23: 32-49

Who is the enemy in this cartoon? Surprisingly, Jerry isn't the most important character in the cartoon; Little Quacker is. How is Little Quacker like Jesus? Do you see the link between Tom and Azrael?

As Azrael likes to chase and eat Smurfs, Tom wanted to chase and eat Little Quacker. This is the link above stated between Tom and Azrael. Little Quacker is like Jesus because he loved Tom so much (even though misguided) that he would give himself up for Tom so Tom could be fed physically. But, as it turns out, Little Quacker's love for Tom was such that it melted Tom's heart and they became friends. Little Quacker gave Tom unconditional love. This is the kind of love that Jesus showed on the cross; that we might all never perish. Jesus forgave everyone that was trying to hurt him on the ground. The thief on Jesus's right side repented and was forgiven. The thief on Jesus's left side never believed and hurled insults at him even unto death. The thief on the right believed at the last minute and was saved. Little Quacker didn't die in this cartoon, but did a lot to change Tom's heart. Instead of physical food, Little Quacker gave Tom spiritual food, this is what Jesus did on earth with the ministry he did and death on the cross itself.

What have you learned? Let's talk figuratively for a minute to bring this home. For this lesson, an 'Azrael' is anyone that is considered an enemy. How did Natural and Little Quacker love the respective Azraels of their cartoon lives? How did Jesus handle the Azraels of his life? How will you handle the Azraels in your life?