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A Spiritual Lesson in Toon Language: Lesson 2

Topic: Revenge

Series: Tiny Toon Adventures

Episode: "My Brilliant Revenge"

Lesson PDF link: 2.pdf


I use the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "My Brilliant Revenge". This lesson is a simple one, but everyone needs this lesson. It is about getting back at people and why one shouldn't.

Scriptures used include Leviticus 19:18; Matthew 5: 21-26, 38-42; Colossians 3: 12-17; and I John 3: 15.

What is 'revenge'?

Have you ever been really mad at someone, so mad that you wanted to get back at him/her? What does this feel like? Does it feel good to be that angry?

Look at this clip. Tiny Toon Adventures: "My Brilliant Revenge"

Tiny Toon Adventures: "My Brilliant Revenge": Direct link for video/webm

Do you think that God thinks that revenge is so 'brilliant'? The Bible Study for today is Leviticus 19:18, Mathew 5: 21-26, 38-42, Colossians 3: 12-17, and I John 3: 15. Read these passages now.

Linking to the cartoon, what do these scriptures mean to you?

Sometimes we will all get angry sometimes but that is not bad in itself it is when we are not willing to forgive that it becomes bad. Sometimes anger isn't warranted because we do not know why a person acts in a certain way. Have you ever got really angry for no reason or the wrong reason?

We should always ask what is meant by a person's actions before we get angry for nothing. In the case of Plucky here, he didn't want to accept the apology of Hamton until he figured out that his trap was about to blow up. Unfortunately for Plucky, the trap did blow up. If Plucky hadn't fixed it so Hamton was not in his house when it did, then their friendship might have been finished. Plucky took the brunt of his own anger-laden trap to save his friendship. Anger is kind of like this trap in the cartoon. When it blows it BLOWS! So, remember to control your tempers and learn to forgive all the nuisances in your life. Anger is not worth losing a friendship over. What have you learned and how will you apply it?

Is there anything like what we've talked about that you need to pray about and give to God?