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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 21b

Topic: Habits And Idols II'Addictions Are Idols Too!

Series: Smurfs

Episodes: Lure Of The Orb

Lesson PDF link: 21b.pdf


I use the second part to illustrate what an idol does using the Smurfs episode "Lure Of The Orb". This was an anti-drugstatement in the 1980's and showed the addictive power of drugs. I plan to define an idol as very much like and is this.

Scriptures Used Include: II Corinthians 11: 13-15; I Peter 5: 8-9; II Peter 2

Last time (Lesson 21a) we were discussing the definition of an idol. What did we learn about the definition of an idol last time? This time, we are going to discuss the subject of addiction. This will enable us to ask ourselves: "Are we the master of our nature or are we mastered by our nature?" Do not answer right now. We will answer this together later.

Part 1 of The Smurfs cartoon "Lure Of The Orb":

The Smurfs: "Lure Of The Orb" Direct link for

Bible Study V: II Corinthians 11: 1315, I Peter 5: 8-9

When you look at the cartoon "Lure Of The Orb" so far, what do you see that links to these scriptures? Do you see our villain Allura in these scriptures? We see that Poet, early in the show, makes a huge mistake. He says "Oh dear, oh dear, I'd give anything to get this finished." This is just the thing the devil looks for. He looks for people to be weak enough to deceive them. When you say something like what Poet said and mean it, you're just inviting the devil to come in. After he accepts the orb he thinks he is inspired, however, his poem already makes no sense. He says "Oh how I love the sounds of spring, when birdies croak and froggies sing." Do you see his mistake? Addicted to the orb and claming it's helping him, he writes "Oh how I love the April Showers that in May bring such pretty blossoms!!" What's wrong here? Unfortunately, it looks like that this orb is a gift that keeps on giving. That's how Satan hopes his teachings will become through his many servants. Eventually Harmony, Painter, Handy, and Farmer join Poet in his road to potential ruin. These Smurfs are so desperate for the orb's influence that they steal and lie to use the orb. Allura's plan is working right now!!

Why are the Smurfs paying attention to their craving instead of listening to common sense?

Part 2 of The Smurfs cartoon "Lure Of The Orb":

The Smurfs: "Lure Of The Orb" Part 2 Direct link for video/webm

Notice the addicted Smurfs' eyes at the beginning of this segment. They probably hadn't slept in days at this point. Poet said it best: It's getting so I can't write two lines without needing more of this. Every addicted Smurf was in agreement. What do you think at this point: master or mastered? What do you think about Hefty destroying the orb? Wouldn't this take guts? Is this addiction truly all in your heads (meaning the addicted Smurfs)? Look what the Smurfs did after the destruction of the first little orb. They sought after Allura (the 'Devil' character here), and tried to get another orb. Instead she shows her castle to the Smurfs and a big orb. I want you to also pay attention to a hidden symbol here. Notice the environment surrounding this castle. It is cold weather, it is windy, and the castle looks quite uninviting. What do you think of the symbols around this castle? When you see this big orb portrayed in this segment what do you think of it? In other words, what does it represent? The Smurfs finally figured out that perhaps something was wrong. Handy said, 'What's happening to us?' How can they break free at this point portrayed in the cartoon? The answer is obviously that they cannot without help. They were doomed to clean the witch's castle chambers forever the way it looked. Enter Hefty in this section. What do you think about Hefty and his significance? Do you think that he gave strength to Poet? Poet was still weak, but suddenly, he receives courage to destroy this big orb. Why? Eventually, all of the Smurfs that were involved with Allura and her orb saw what damage to their work they truly caused. They couldn't believe what they had done and were saddened and repented. Why did the temptation of the second little orb not work when Allura came back?

Bible Study VI ' II Peter 2

What do you see in this segment that links to our Bible passage? The Smurfs here are being held prisoner by their addiction and our villain. If you are addicted to something or you have a bad habit that you want to break, but you can't, wouldn't you feel as helpless as the Smurfs do in this part of the cartoon? Why?

Have our characters found God yet? Our characters aren't completely there yet. Even though the characters resisted this time, in real life there would be withdrawals. In real life they wouldn't be completely cured. Friends like Hefty, willpower, and abilities help; but they are not enough. God, however, is getting closer because our characters are starting to wise up!! Hefty has good intentions to help his friends, but is he actually following God's plan? Of course Hefty is following what God wants. However, the task at hand is a tall one because these Smurfs are still affected. They will need rest and time. They also need everyone's prayers so they can for once and for all give this idol up to God. God is working through Hefty, God knows how to protect those who are weak and are looking toward him. Looks like these Smurfs are on the right track, but what of Allura, our villain? Do you remember what the Bible says about the likes of her? This idol of addiction in real life wouldn't be over yet. Even though they are on the right track, failure happens. Do you think that they will actually succeed in giving this idol of their nature up to God? Or do you think that they will have trouble doing it? Our characters have just found out something is wrong and are considering their options. We will find out together if these characters give things up to God finally next time (Lesson 21c).