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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 21c

Topic: Habits And Idols III ' Idol Destruction!

Series: Tiny Toon Adventures, TaleSpin

Episodes: To Bleep Or Not To Bleep (Tiny Toon Adventures), Destiny Rides Again (TaleSpin)

Lesson PDF link: 21c.pdf


I portray how to destroy a bad habit of human nature. This section shows first how not to destroy one of these by using a Tiny Toon Adventures episode called "To Bleep Or Not To Bleep". I then portray how God wants us to destroy a bad habit or nature. I use another clip from the TaleSpin episode "Destiny Rides Again" again to portray giving up an idol to God so he can destroy it. Will these cartoon characters give their habits and idols to God? In this section we see they do finally!!

Scriptures Used Include: Ephesians 6: 10-18a; Psalms 55; Matthew 17: 14-21

In this third part of the lesson, we are going to discuss good intentions of breaking these bad habits and idols. However, these good intentions sometimes don't work. We are going to discuss the proper disposal of an idol. To refresh us, what did we learn so far? In other words, in the two prior sections, what did we cover?

Cartoon Show: Tiny Toon Adventures: "To Bleep Or Not To Bleep":

Tiny Toon Adventures: "To Bleep Or Not To Bleep" Direct link for video/webm

Bible Study VII: Eph. 6: 10-18a

In this scripture what do you see that links to the cartoon?

It's not exactly what the scripture says, its what Buster doesn't do that links here. He tries to break Foulmouth Fowl out of his swearing habit. What happens to Buster here?

Looks like Buster didn't stand firm and was influenced negatively by trying to help his friend. Why?

Good intentions won't work very well without God's hand. Buster didn't put on the full armor of God and therefore fell into the same trap that Foulmouth was in.

Let's reverse the clock and say Buster never did what he did and give him another chance. Using Baloo as an example, let's see how to truly find God and break the idol of human nature.

Third clip of TaleSpin: "Destiny Rides Again":

TaleSpin: "Destiny Rides Again" Part 3 Direct link for video/webm

Bible Study VIII ' Psalms 55

Using this clip, what links to this scripture?

This is just the sincere prayer that these toons needed. But why did this kind of a prayer work in reality?

Bible Study IX ' Matthew 17: 14

In this passage of scripture we see Jesus's disciples cannot overcome and cast out this demon possessing the boy. Jesus does it easily and the disciples want their faith built up. Jesus says it best about why one cannot cast out demons or in this case (for this lesson) destroy our idols. Jesus says: "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you". Idols are nothing but demonic and can easily be linked to the boy with a demon. Idols can feel figuratively like stubborn mountains that are the worst things to climb because of the difficulty they represent. Think of the demon inside this boy as like the idol of human nature that we are studying. In other words picture this demon figuratively like the idol of human nature for a moment (even though we know demons are very real including the one in this passage). It took real faith to cast out this demon. Likewise, real faith is needed to destroy any and all idols. Baloo had this faith in the cartoon. The Idol Of Doom: Storm and Fire is destroyed. Our cartoon characters finally succeeded with the help of their leader Baloo. As humans, why would it take a long time to dispose of the idol of human nature? We need to trust God and give everything to Him!! This is hard and sometimes if not all the time, we may not like it at first, but when it is all said and done we are greatly relieved. Is there anything you need to give up to God? If we look deep, I am sure there is something because none of us are perfect. We just need to remember what Psalms 55 says that we just read with the cartoon results. God promises if we're earnest in faith to give everything to Him, idols will be destroyed all the time without fail because His promises never fail.