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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 22a

Topic: The Chlorhydris Files I - Loss Of Beauty Is No Loss Of Love

Series: Smurfs

Episode: The Tear Of A Smurf

Lesson PDF link: 22a.pdf


We start in a seven-part series on the Smurfs series villain Chlorhydris. This villain doesn't want love in the world, so she tries to remove it anyway she can. We all know that she can't because God is Love. God cannot be destroyed.

Now, the first part of this lesson series is an introduction to the Chlorhydris theme and character. In this lesson, we see that Chlorhydris's daughter is being affected by her mother's hatred in such a way that her daughter doesn't really feel lovable. I use the Smurfs episode "The Tear Of A Smurf". This has a moderate amount of magic usage (God doesn't like the magic arts), but the message is clear. God will try to reach a person with any language He can to save them. If this daughter were real, even though this daughter is a sorceress, God still will give her good things and through those good things try to wean her away from the magic she uses to the point of knowing that she never needed it to begin with (even if her looks are not as good). This part of the series introduces God's theme of True Love Does Conquer All.

Scriptures Used Include: I John: 4: 7-8, 16; Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8; Luke 11: 11-13

When you say the word "Love", what does it mean to you?

There are many types of love. Today and for a while, we are studying the villain from the Smurfs series named Chlorhydris. All she ever wants to do is take out the love of the world in every which way. Through this multipart lesson, we will discuss why this is just about the worst idea ever for anyone to try.

Bible Study I - I John: 4: 7-8, 16

Before we get to our first cartoon, what do these scriptures mean to you? We will be feasting on these verses to whet our appetite for the discussion of these cartoons we are using.

Cartoon Show: Smurfs: "The Tear Of A Smurf":

Smurfs: "The Tear Of A Smurf" Direct link for video/webm

Before we get to our Bible Study, what do you think of Priscilla, daughter of Chlorhydris? Priscilla is truly a desperate woman. She wants so bad to be out from under her mother's curse.

Why do you suppose Priscilla sings the song that she sings and says to her picture: "Ooh, you foolish, foolish thing, no love does not conquer all?"

Bible Study II: Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8, Luke 11: 11-13

Do you see God's indestructible love in this cartoon and in these passages of scripture? If you look at the cartoon closely you'll see something interesting. Priscilla takes Azrael, Grouchy, and Jokey magically into her house. Notice what these three represent. Azrael is supposed to be a villain character. Jokey is all about humor. Grouchy hates everything (including showing his emotions). Grouchy is very good at hiding emotions usually in the Smurfs series. These are not likely candidates for what Priscilla needs, but she finds them. What do you think about the tale told by Priscilla and about the plan by Chlorhydris to curse her daughter so that (she hopes) that no one would love Priscilla? Do you see the immediate flaw in Chlorhydris's plan from a spiritual perspective? After this discussion so far, what do you see in the cartoon that would link to the scriptures more? Do you see also that Chlorhydris would be the very one that would say that she would give a stone, snake, or scorpion to her daughter for asking for food where God or any good parent would give good things to one who asks?

There is an immediate flaw in Chlorhydris's plan as alluded to earlier. First, the Bible says God is love. God is infinite and indestructible and His love is for everyone and is forever (This will be repeated throughout this lesson set with Biblical scriptures to be used later in this series, and so is our Bible point for this set). Let's however say that physically Chlorhydris's plan keeps Priscilla "ugly" forever; how can Chlorhydris's plan fail? If you don't think the plan can fail with Priscilla being "ugly" forever, use your imagination. How can Chlorhydris's plan fail? Assuming Chlorhydris's plan can fail, how could you explain to Priscilla that her magic isn't necessary to be happy? In other words, how would you lead someone as desperate as this to Jesus, so she wouldn't feel the need to use magic for the need of potential love (romantic, physical, or spiritual)? Would you be able to forgive a person like Chlorhydris if you were in Priscilla's shoes? Chlorhydris probably raised Priscilla in the magic arts, so she may not know any different. Priscilla perhaps would still use her magic for the chance of being normal. Do you think that it would be easier to lead someone like this to Jesus after the fact of becoming normal (to the point of knowing she didn't need her magic to keep her physical beauty and would repent of ever using it)? True love doesn't need physical beauty to be there, although as everyone understands, it helps in attracting people. Overall however, Priscilla's prince (if he returned from his disappearance and truly loved her) would still love her dearly because she would be the same gal. The only thing different would be her looks. A loss of physical beauty is not a loss of love in one's life. Chlorhydris's plan fails regardless.

What finally breaks this spell? A well-placed eulogy causes the Smurfs to cry as unlikely as it would be due to their personalities. God's timing is always on time even if we don't get what we want or think we need or in the form that we think we need it. Being genuine and honest is really what did the breaking of the spell, not the smoke and mirrors of a magic crystal. God worked through the only medium that Priscilla knew (even though He doesn't like the magic arts) to bring physical healing to Priscilla. In real life, God would do it just because He would want a personal relationship with her and to eventually make her realize that she didn't have to in the first place. Chlorhydris's plan failed from the start because God loves everyone and everything. Eventually, with much prayer in Jesus's name she could easily get a mate that wouldn't much care for looks (even if she were "ugly" or a "hag"). True love does conquer all.