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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 7

Topic: Jesus: The True Joe and The Bread of Life (The Real Joe)

Series: Acme Hour, Cartoon Network Skits

Episodes: "Jerky Turkey" (Acme Hour), "Hello, I'm Joe" (Cartoon Network Skits)

Lesson PDF link: 7.pdf


I use the MGM Short "Jerky Turkey" to show what the Devil tries to portray himself as and the Cartoon Network Skit called "Hello, I'm Joe" to show who Jesus truly is.

Scriptures used include Genesis chapter 3 and John 6: 1-15, 25-59.

What is a commercial? There are several types of these. Some are probably better than others. Have you ever bought something that was advertised but never delivered what you expected?

Both God and the Devil advertise (in other words make commercials) in the Bible. We will discuss the difference.

Cartoon: "Jerky Turkey":

MGM Short: "Jerky Turkey": Direct link for video/webm

What advertisement do you see in this cartoon? What happened with the pilgrim hunter and the turkey in the beginning when they were together? The middle? How were they tempted? What happened when they said, 'Let's eat at Joe's'?

Bible Study I: Read Genesis 3

In the Bible, the Devil advertised wisdom to Eve. She bought it hook, line, and sinker. The Devil was telling a half-truth. Wisdom of good and evil was granted as advertised, however, the Devil didn't say that there would be separation between them and God. That was not part of the deal. Adam and Eve paid dearly for doing what they did. The pilgrim and the turkey paid dearly for falling to the sandwich sign of the fake Joe. This is a fake because even if the bear might have been named Joe, he tricked them (making them think that they would get a meal not be a meal).

Would you have fallen into the sandwich sign trap? Why or why not?

Well, that's the Devil for you. Now it's God's turn.

Cartoon Network Skit 'Hello, I'm Joe':

Cartoon Network Skit: "'Hello, I'm Joe'": Direct link for video/webm

What did you see in this skit that might represent Jesus?

Bible Study II: Read John 6: 1-15, 25-59

What does this scripture mean to you?

I will slowly point out parts of this skit. Can you tell me how these parts link to Jesus yet? I will stop after each part to discuss the link in each one. Ready? Let's go!!

Part A: In our skit, Joe said: 'I'm willing to bet you don't know me but I'm sure you've heard of me. I'm Joe.' How does this link to Jesus?

Interpretation Of Part A: A lot of people have heard about Jesus but not a lot of people know who He truly is.

Part B: In our skit, Joe said he had been in the restaurant business a long time. How does this link to Jesus?

Interpretation Of Part B: God has always been in the physical and spiritual food business ever since he made all the animals and man.

Part C: In our skit, Joe said he 'ain't complainin' ' about the advertisement of his business because word of mouth does the advertising. How does this link to Jesus?

Interpretation Of Part C: We must likewise tell people about Jesus so they can be fed too.

Part D: In our skit, Joe said that about all of his customers have gotten flattened, blown up, or electrocuted. Joe said: 'I ain't complainin' '. How does this link to Jesus?

Interpretation Of Part D: Jesus doesn't complain about these kinds of things. A lot of Jesus's customers need healing and encouragement. Some need another dose or just the first dose of his food. (Physical or spiritual)

Part E: In our skit, a worker broke some dishes and was embarrassed. Joe said he 'ain't complainin' ' about that either. How does this link to Jesus?

Interpretation Of Part E: God doesn't complain either when we mess up because He is merciful. We need to sincerely say we are sorry for doing the wrong thing and then go on with working for God.

Believe Jesus. He 'ain't complainin' '. Come as you are to him and let him be the bread of life to you. You in turn, will learn to become someone else's spiritual food because Jesus will feed everyone through you.

Trust Jesus 'The True Joe'. And if you like it, 'tell a friend!!'