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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 9a

Topic: Bullies I - What Is A Bully?

Series: Garfield and Friends

Episode: "Banana Nose"

Lesson PDF link: 9a.pdf


I use the Garfield And Friends cartoon "Banana Nose". Making fun of someone is definitely an act of Bullying.

Scriptures used include Ephesians 4: 25-31; Colossians 3: 8; I John 3: 15; and Mathew 7: 12.

Today, we will talk about bullies, what they do to people, and what to do when one is encountered.

In your opinion, what is a bully? Why do you think a bully is a bully?

Cartoon Show: I will now show a Garfield and Friends episode called "Banana Nose":

Garfield and Friends: "Banana Nose": Direct link for video/webm

How is Roy being a bully?

Roy is one for practical jokes. When he sees an opportunity, he will use it to humiliate someone and laugh at his or her misery. In turn, this tears down his friends around him and makes them miserable.

Do you think that his friends should have paid Roy back by calling him 'Banana Nose'? What did Roy and everyone else learn about being a bully?

Roy learned that making fun of people shouldn't be any fun. Everyone else, well, they learned that acting in a way that they didn't want to be treated was a bad thing.

Bible Study: Ephesians 4: 25-31, Colossians 3:8, I John 3:15, Mathew 7:12

What do these scriptures mean to you? How would you react if you were being made fun of by Roy? Would you have made fun of Roy in return?

When we repay evil with evil, we are no better or stronger than the bully in the first place. Think of how we can build people up instead of just make fun of the differences.

Next time we will discuss the consequences of being a bully.