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A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language: Lesson 9b

Topic: Bullies II - Consequences Of Being A Bully

Series: Garfield and Friends, Cartoon Network Skits

Episodes: "Ode To Odie" (Garfield and Friends), "Cartoon Network Police Line-up" (Cartoon Network Skits)

Lesson PDF link: 9b.pdf


I use the Garfield And Friends Cartoon "Ode To Odie" to show that bullies are definitely proud people, if this isn't dealt with and this kind of person humbled, pretty bad consequences will result. We are studying Goliath. We also use the Cartoon Network Skit "Cartoon Network Police Lineup" to portray what a victim might be feeling. We discuss how to handle this situation.

Scriptures used include I Samuel 17: 20-59.

Last time (in Bullies I - What is a Bully?), we were talking about what a bully is. Now we are going to look at some of the consequences of being one. I will now show a Garfield and Friends episode called "Ode To Odie":

Garfield and Friends: "Ode To Odie": Direct link for video/webm

When you look at the bulldog in the cartoon, what do you see?

This bulldog thought that despite the warnings, 'pounding Odie was too much fun'. The bulldog thought he was the greatest of the great. He was 'All That'.

What happened here?

The bulldog lost all of his friends and he lost the respect of his lady friends. This bulldog was crushed by the weight of the consequences.

We are going to look at one of the biggest bullies in the Bible, Goliath.

Bible Study: I Samuel 17: 20-59

In this story, how was Goliath a bully? Do you think anyone but another Philistine would like Goliath? Do you think that he frightened even his own people? Do you think that he had any true friends?

Goliath was over 9 feet tall, a good warrior. However, he was very conceited and thought he was 'All That'. Goliath made fun of the Israelites and their God, who is the one and only true God.

In the cartoon, the bulldog lost everything he had (including the bone that he thought would be so fun to take) because of his bullying. He found that the bone wasn't all that fun without any friends as well, so he threw it away.

Goliath was crushed by his circumstances too because he was picking on God's people. David slew Goliath with just a slingshot and a rock. Goliath lost his very life because he thought he was the best of the best and no one could beat him. That shows what he knew.

Being a bully just causes trouble for the bully and the people around one. For the bully, because he/she has no real friends most of the time, the ones that are, just are most likely because of fear. It's trouble for everyone else because of dread, or fear. This makes things unpleasant for everyone and not harmonious. Bullies want to build themselves up and tear others down.

Now watch "Cartoon Network Police Lineup":

Cartoon Network Skits: "Cartoon Network Police Lineup": Direct link for video/webm

Understand that bullies want to pick on or make fun of someone that they think they can. The best way to handle a situation like this, even though it is hard, is to understand that you are stronger than they are if you can hold a good attitude of 'I am a good person. I'm just different. I have talents and things that I am good at too.'

Please share these things if you can with someone. Ask him/her what their talents are. Be kind to even a bully. If he/she is still a bully, perhaps the rock of loneliness will teach them a lesson.

Are you like Wile E. Coyote? Are you scared of someone taunting you? If the above about kindness and leaving the bully alone (walking away) isn't working, ask someone about it. Ask a teacher, principal, or your parents about it. Maybe they have another loving solution.