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Spiritual Lessons From The Yu-Gi-Oh!: Card Game IV

Series: Yu-gi-oh! TCG

Topic: Yu-gi-oh! Lesson Deck Series

Lesson PDF link: Yu-gi-oh! Card Game 4

This deck is the first of the God Themed decks. This one is called Trinity Protection. As its name suggests, it is about the One Triune God's faithfulness to protect and redeem people from their own desires, sins, satanic influences, and enemies.

This deck contains 10 divisions. They are:

1) The Triune God

2) The Triune God's Attributes (Small Biblical Description Of God)

3) God Defends The Prayerful Righteous Parts A and B:

A)About The Prayerful Righteous

B) God Defends The Righteous

4) God Redeems

5) A and B:

A: An Immature Disciple Is Still A Disciple

B: Saints Receive Power From God

6) Saints Are Baptized, Holy, And Sanctified

7) Saints Get Their Faith Strengthened When They Are Weak

8) Some Saints Are Dark Horses

9) God Cooks Evil's Goose

10) Saints Overcome The Devil and his servants

Remembering The Yu-Gi-Oh! Lesson Decks' Key:

+Note: The Letters In Front Of The Card Names Show The Specific Parts Of Every Card That Show A Biblical Parallel.

++ Note: Look For These Letters At The Beginning Of The Card Names.

F = Flavor-Text (These Are Only Found On Normal Cards)

A = Attribute

P = Picture

N = Name

E = Effect

T = Type

Note+++: Through this deck, you the viewer are going to see the initial (A) for attribute or (T) for type on a lot of the cards. The attribute here is usually water and the type is usually aqua. This is to say that these portray servants of God (Unless otherwise noted by information inside the interpretation of the card or cards). This deck is based on God being called Living Water. This is found all over the scriptures.

Division I: The Triune God

This Division Includes:

(P, N, E) Umi (2)
Father (Form Of God)

Read Jeremiah 17: 13-18

The machines that the Umi card talks about would symbolize fake or copycat Christians being brought low or humbled. The Pyro type listed means people having zeal for the wrong things as the Pharisees of the New Testament. Both of these are very bad. God humbles these people as well. Hopefully, they will repent of these sins. These behaviors don't lead to God and living water. Some will repent, others won't.

A Legendary Ocean
(P, N, E) A Legendary Ocean
Son (Jesus --Form Of God)

Look at the Picture and the Name. This scene is under Umi and its name is treated as Umi. It is in Umi (Under, In, and is God). Believers are definitely Under The Blood Of The Lamb and are saturated with Living Water. This does the exact opposite of drowning people, it means going to heaven and life eternal. Jesus is Living Water. If we look at the actual Umi card parallel's scriptures, God calls himself Living Water. Jesus is indeed what he says he is. Read John 4: 1-26; 7: 37-39.

Maiden Of The Aqua
(A, E) Maiden Of The Aqua (3) ATTK. 700 Def. 2000
(Holy Spirit --Form Of God)

This card makes the field of Yu-Gi-Oh! a big Umi. So, this maiden leads to the field being this way.

The Holy Spirit leads to God, and in fact is God. God is our spiritual food and drink. This scripture talks a great deal about comfort for those who wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb (Jesus). God wipes away every tear. Jesus brings everyone to living water. The Holy Spirit is a nurturing spirit to those that believe what Jesus says about himself is true and in the sacrifice made at Calvary. The Holy Spirit therefore is both spiritual water and food source to the believers in Christ Jesus Our Lord. To unbelievers, The Holy Spirit gives conviction of impending judgment: Read Luke 13: 1-9; John 14:15-31, Revelation 7: 9-17

However, the "field magic" portion of this card's effect also has a symbol. Another field magic card for this card symbolizes an idol that a person might think that is more important than the true God. An active idol in a person's life stops God from working in our lives. He has to let us have a worthless idol if we have one and for some reason want it that badly. When this happens, that person will soon figure it out hopefully. God cries out through the scriptures Read Exodus 20: 2-3, Habakkuk 2: 18-19, I Peter 1: 13-25. Please read this and put on the imperishable.

Division II: The Triune God's Attributes (Small Biblical Description Of God)

This division includes:

Swords Of Revealing Light
(P, N, E) *Swords Of Revealing Light

God's light pierces the darkness to expose it. This attribute is God s nature because He is 100 % pure. 100% pure means darkness has nothing to do but succumb to exposure. Read John 3: 19-21

Seven Colored Fish
(F, A, N) ATTK. 1800 Def. 800 *7 Colored Fish (3)

This card symbolizes God's majesty. This card says this creature has 7 colors. 7 is God s perfect number. This makes the creature beautiful. God is the most beautiful one or thing in existence. The ATTK of this creature is highlighted because for a duelist, this is one of the best cards to lead out with. The ATTK symbolizes the surprising awe-striking strength of God. Read Psalms 93

Division III: God Defends The Prayerful Righteous A and B

This division includes:

Part A --About The Prayerful Righteous

Rod Of Silence Kayest
(N, E) Rod Of Silence Kay'est (3)
Aqua Chorus
(N, E) Aqua Chorus (3)
Chorus Of Sanctuary
(N,E) *Chorus Of Sanctuary (3)

The music of joyous prayer and meditation Read I Thessalonians 5: 16-21.

Heart Of Clear Water
(N,E) *Heart Of Clear Water (3)
The prayers of the righteous need to be sincere
Tornado Wall
(N, E) Tornado Wall (3)

Relying On Our Savior Fully (Needs Umi), this allows God to work to use his protective keeping power and have his hand on us. For these five different sets of cards Read Psalms 27, Psalms 46.

Part B God Defends The Righteous

Aqua Madoor
(F, A) Aqua Madoor ATTK 1200 Def. 2000

Look at Moses and the Red Sea. Remember what my disclaimer said. Moses is not a spellcaster . The flavor-text is just uncanny however. Read Exodus 13:17 - 15:21

Neo Aqua Madoor
(F, A) Neo Aqua Madoor (3) ATTK 1200 Def. 3000

However God gives protection, we can't protect ourselves. Look at the highlighted defense as God's protection not the creature's for this deck. Remember, God's servants are not "spellcasters."

Spirit Barrier
(N, E) Spirit Barrier (3)
Island Turtle
(F, A) *Island Turtle ATTK 1100 Def. 2000
Staunch Defender
(N, E) Staunch Defender (3)
Guardian Kayest
(A, N, E) Guardian Kay'est
Castle Walls
(N, E) *Castle Walls (3)

God defends the righteous ones very well. Because we are totally reliant, we know that God will provide the protection from both evil spirits that try to overtake His people and the physical harm that is meant for evil. When God does allow bad things to happen, He will use them for our betterment and His overall plan (even though bad things are not God's will for us)

For Part B, read the prayer in Psalms 17 and Luke 12: 4-12. For the righteous, this is indeed a reality. Of course the righteous don't have to be concerned about hell at all because God has redeemed them.

Division 4: God Redeems

This Division includes:

(P, N, E) Salvage (3)
Soul Reversal
(P, N, E) Soul Reversal (3)
The Shallow Grave
(P, N, E) *The Shallow Grave
Return Of The Doomed
(P, N, E) Return Of The Doomed (2)
Monster Reborn
(P, N, E) *Monster Reborn

God always listens to a repentant person who wants to come back to Jesus. Even before the new covenant God listened to the repentant that wanted to come back to Him. God redeems such people so that spiritual death has no power over them. A sincere prayer should go something like this (remember to mean it). Read Psalms 28.

The end result of such prayer is this: Read Galatians 3:26 - 4:7.

Division 5 A and B:

This Division Includes:

A) An Immature Disciple Is Still A Disciple

Unshaven Angler
(A, N, E) Unshaven Angler (3)

This card symbolizes a saved person who is still learning the ropes of being a disciple or apostle, or even a witness. In a real sense, that is all of us saved. We are prone to mistakes and failure still. God is very quick to reinstate and to save.

Examples of calling to catch men (fishing for them -- We are focusing on Matthew and Peter here) Read Matthew 4: 18-22; 9: 9-13 (Matthew is also named Levi. For these Read Mark 2: 14-17 and Luke 5: 27-32.); Examples of mistakes and sins (Peter): Matthew 26: 69-75 (For the different accounts of this Read Mark 14: 66-72; Luke 22: 54-62; John 18: 15-18, 18: 25-27

Reinstatement or forgiveness of (Peter): Read John 21: 15-25

B: Saints Receive Power From God

Horn Of The Unicorn
(N, P, E) Horn Of The Unicorn (3)

This is an interesting Bible parallel. But you won't find the word "Unicorn" in the NIV Bible, however, you will find it in the KJV. The NIV refers to this word as "Wild Ox." This card symbolizes strength and deliverance. For these parallels, read both the NIV and KJV with these scriptures. Remember That 7 is God's perfect number. There are 7 parallels (this in my opinion is no coincidence). The Bible parallels for "Unicorn" are listed by whole chapter with the specific scriptures emphasized in this list. The scripture parallels are: Numbers 23 (v. 22 emphasized), Numbers 24 (v. 8 emphasized), Deuteronomy 33 (v. 17 emphasized), Job 39 (9-12 emphasized), Psalms 22 (v. 22 emphasized), Psalms 29 (v. 6 emphasized), and Psalms 92 (v. 10 emphasized).

Note: www.wikipedia.com helped considerably here (search under "Unicorn" if need be).

Big Wave Small Wave
(N, P, E) Big Wave, Small Wave (3)

A key to the Kingdom Of God. Self Sacrifice is a major part of a genuine Christian's life. This is definitely part of the Living Waters theme because we are able to give people the Lord. Hopefully they will take this and be saved. Unfortunately this rich young man and the envious for some reason don't get this concept. Read Matthew 19:16 - 20:16 and Mark 10: 17-31.

Levia Dragon Daedalus
(A, E) Levia Dragon-Daedalus (2)
Ocean Dragon Lord Neo Daedalus
(A, E) Ocean Dragon Lord-Neo Daedalus

These cards represent power and authority as in responsible and mature disciples. Under God's authority, one can be very powerful. Use God's power like these cards use Umi. The raw power in these cards and attribute (water --or needs Umi) actually here are symbolic of God's power remaining for the next time an act of His power is needed. Here, we find of course, that these two cards represent very powerful saints who need God and have God. Everything is great here if one is responsible like the ones spoken of here unlike the unprofitable one listed as well!! Read: Matthew 25: 14-30; Luke 19: 11-27

Division 6: Saints Are Baptized, Holy, And Sanctified

This division includes:

Turtle Oath
(N, E) Turtle Oath (2)
Sincere baptism and promised to serve Jesus
Crab Turtle
(A, N) Crab Turtle ATTK 2550 Def. 2500 (2)

Look what a sincere baptism in the Spirit (symbolized by the Baptism ritual or sacrament) does. This creature has incredible power and well balanced there may be more powerful ones out there, however, this is definitely symbolizing a person on the right track with Jesus. Read Mark 16: 15-18; Luke 3: 1-20; Acts chapters 1 and 2.

Division 7: Saints Get Their Faith Strengthened When They Are Weak

This division includes:

(N, E) * Reinforcements (3)
(N, E) * Earthquake (3)
A faith in God shaken, but not destroyed. Read Psalms 46
Raregold Armor
(N, E) Raregold Armor (2)
Protection of the weak. Read Jude 17-25.

Division 8: Some Saints Are Dark Horses

This division includes:

Magician Of Faith
(A, E) *Magician Of Faith (3)

Remember God's servants are not "spellcasters." Seemingly in our American language, if one is a "wizard" of something, he/she is pretty much a professional at it (at least of sorts). This kind of card here portrays a Christian's life that represents Jesus and follows Him beautifully. This kind of person is very powerful yet meek. This is so, even if this godly man questions things sometimes.

Mask Of Darkness
(A, E, T) *Mask Of Darkness (3)

Interestingly enough this is a (A) Dark and (T) Fiend. The "Dark" symbol and the "Fiend" symbol are unique to this deck. Dark means "concealed until its season." When I use the word "Fiend" here, I mean to say the Devil thinks that the card is a fiend --he hates it.

Mucus Yolk
(A, E, T,) Mucus Yolk (3)

"Dark" meaning the above "concealed until its season", (T) Aqua means of course "needs Umi." Read Judges 6 - 8:21. I know that this is an OT parallel, but we know that Jesus is God. (If you read on however, you will see that Gideon kind of messed up at the end of his life, hopefully he died with salvation in his heart.)

Division 9: God Cooks Evil s Goose In...

"snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat" (first five cards), "the unrighteous one's state of mind (no true peace) --Zero Gravity", "the storms that life gives" (Gale Lizard), "no matter how powerful and cold wickedness is" (Penguin Soldier), "the death boat" (Yomi Ship), and "the heat of battle" (Abyss Soldier).

This division includes:

Negate Attack
(A, P, N, E, T) Negate Attack
Seven Tools Of The Bandit
(A, P, N, E, T) *Seven Tools Of The Bandit (3)
(P, N, E) * De-Spell (3)
Remove Trap
(P, N, E) * Remove Trap (3)
Magic Jammer
(A, P, N, E, T) *Magic Jammer (3)

Snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat

Magic Reflector
(P, N, E) Magic Reflector (3)
Zero Gravity
(A, P, N, E) Zero Gravity (3)

The unrighteous one's state of mind (no true peace).

An example in the game would be if your opponent had a nice safe Labyrinth Wall (ATTK 0 Def. 3000) and Zero Gravity is used:

Labyrinth Wall
(ATTK 0 Def. 3000) Labyrinth Wall

The Labyrinth wall has no defense if it is switched from defense to attack position with this effect. How horrible it would be for someone's unrighteous heart to cause this to happen to him spiritually. God doesn't like unrighteousness!!

Gale Lizard
(A, P, N, E) *Gale Lizard (3)
The storms that life gives
Penguin Soldier
(A, P, N, E, T) * Penguin Soldier (3)
No matter how powerful and cold wickedness is.
Yomi Ship
(A, P, E, T) Yomi Ship (3)
The death boat. This symbolizes punishment. When the wicked attack, they will not go unpunished.
Abyss Soldier
(A, P, N, E, T) Abyss Soldier
The heat of battle

All of these cards mean 1 of 2 things: destruction and confusion. God won't let wicked plans succeed forever and the reprobate without repentance will be destroyed. The first six cards of this division describe the truth about the unrighteous (destruction of plans and them).

The last five represents one of the things God allows to happen to humble these unrighteous or even ordains to make them easy pickings for impending physical death which would mean their spiritual death without repentance as well (confusion). Notice all of these creatures send opponents' monsters (plans) back to the hand except Yomi Ship (the death boat). These also symbolize or describe that the wicked are without salvation. Everyone needs God to live spiritually (Umi). Hopefully these will repent in time.

Please don't be like Israel's enemies in Deuteronomy 7. Read this and remember.

Division 10: Saints Overcome The Devil and his servants

This division includes:

Giga Gagagigo
(F, A, P, T) ATTK 2450 Def. 1500 Giga Gagagigo

This one turned cold. He is only slightly higher than our last card's stats. This should be a warning. He is becoming like Satan and not God. He needs God (Umi). Read Matthew 12: 38-45, II Peter 2. Unfortunately, this without repentance is his fate. Read Revelation 7: 11-15.

Terrorking Salmon
(F, A, P, N, T) * Terrorking Salmon ATTK 2400 Def. 1000 (3)

This kind of card is the Satan and brotherhood of demons card in this deck. Satan once was of God now is not. He is destined for eternal torment along with his demon horde. These are clearly "bad fish." Satan looks like a brute but his defense stinks because he and his demons have lost their power at Calvary. He may have sort of a high attack but only because of it not being his time yet. Read Revelation 7: 7-10.

This should not be anyone's fate except the devil and his angels. Please, if you do not know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior accept him now. If you need to rededicate to the Lord, do it now. Accept your Living Water that is our Savior. Jesus loves you and doesn't want you lost.

My thoughts are that I hope that this group of studies has blessed you so far. (There will be other decks to come.)