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Marriage Like A Necklace

637-carat total weight L'Incomparable diamond necklace--The World's Most Expensive Necklace

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Over the years, often have I thought of marriage as a beautiful necklace made of the finest metals. A marriage made of beautiful platinum, silver and gold together without alloy. Yes, even a necklace unmatched by anything imaginable. It looks expensive but tasteful. It compliments any garment.

Yet, the actual marriage is just a lot of prayer, some courage, investment, planning and a formal "I do". It is as precious as fancy jewels, but more beautiful than just about anything created by God Almighty. It adorns everything about the couple in beauty and class. A good marriage's chain is comfortable and beautifully long and gorgeous. It could be too short, confining, and cheap quality without the right workmanship.

As time goes on, the marital necklace's chain becomes longer, more beautiful, more comfortable. You will have to start doubling the chain over and over again--maybe you can count the years this way and say "These are my beautiful marital age rings around my neck. I made them into this beautiful necklace". The necklace receives one jewel of God's choice for every day married and special larger stones to count years. The chain receives more length and beauty as the years go by. At the necklace's heart lies a locket with the couple's love inside and God resides there and serves as marital sparkle and light. Everywhere the couple goes, this beauty follows and shines for the world to see. The necklace never gets too heavy, as it is made especially for those it is for and the jewels, platinum, silver, and gold are of a special kind that never get heavy.

The man's necklace shows Jesus Christ's love, light, and heart. The woman's necklace shows the true church's beauty, power, light, and grace; which shows together a true example of who God truly is. This necklace of marriage is so strong that nothing tarnishes it. Forgiveness and grace wash it clean and spotless every day. The locket radiates warmth and love everywhere and never gives darkness any hold on itself.

When one of the couple goes home to be with God, this necklace is gracefully taken off and then looked at and cherished and sometimes still worn as if. The marital necklace is as precious as the couple who wears it, for it intertwines with who they are and becomes part of their literal spirit. Forever, the couple is changed and even more beautiful.

A marriage worn as this necklace is will be a huge blessing and give beauty and light to a very dark world full of people that don't know this blessing. This necklace will surely be an investment in time, sacrifice, and yes some money; however it is not much compared to the return that investment receives, a lifetime of beauty, excellence, abundance of life, and class that cannot be bought. It is only given and then only by God Himself. This is one of the many wonderful gifts that God gives; a wonderful, someone special that God makes for a person that is just as special and wonderful and dear to His heart. This is how precious marriage is.

Wear your marriage as you would a beautiful necklace as this and you will see a remarkable wonderful thing inside your life--appreciation and an ever building love for the one that you said "I Do" to. Everyone else sees a very beautiful, tarnish proof, getting more beautiful and precious as time goes by, light giving life for them to see as an example and role model for years to come.

There are no two marriages alike, so every marital necklace is different and unique to the couple. Each necklace has only one more made of itself in the entire universe and that belongs to the other and only the other of the couple. In other words, two of each necklace so that only the couple meant for it wears it. This is one of the most interesting parts in a marriage--unique is one of the things God does best. Wear your marriage like this wonderful necklace with gracious pride and gratitude. God wants you to model His designs, so His love shines.