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Pentecost Sermon

Topic: Pentecost

Pentecost Sermon

Scripture List And Intro

Video Produced On Friday May 22, 2020

John 14: 15-33

John 16: 5-33

Acts 2

1 Corinthians 12

**Pastoral Note:

I explain the timing of this celebration, to clarify though, Easter happens 40 days after Lent begins and Pentecost is 50 days after Easter happens (this wasn't totally clear in the video).

Pentecost is a very happy time for the church. This video is produced during the Coronavirus pandemic, so Pentecost needs to be remembered even more by believers as not just a festival, a tradition, or something to do. Pentecost is much more than just going to church and hearing the same sermon about the upper room. For us, Pentecost is literally the church's birthday and needs to be cherished as the life-giving, soul-winning and spiritually healing force that God endowed with His Holy Spirit. We need to understand that all believers will have gifts to bring to the table to spread God's grace. We all need to realize that God gave all humans a gift of some type and is looking for everyone of us to harness the gift(s) given us freely for Him. In other words, God gave us good gifts freely, we must use those gifts for the right purpose freely. Not all people do use their gifts in a manner fitting of God's decrees, but we as believers need to make sure we do to the fullest extent possible. Lastly and on the same level of strong importance, we are all important to God.

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