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Spiritual Lessons from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game--Introduction

Series: Yu-gi-oh! TCG

Topic: Yu-gi-oh! Lesson Deck Series

Lesson PDF link: Yu-gi-oh! Study Introduction

Yu-gi-oh! Disclaimer: Yu-gi-oh! Lesson Deck Series:

Any writings labeled with Yugioh in its name is devoted to Yu-Gi-Oh! fans everywhere who like Bible Studies. This section's mission is to show Biblical parallels in the game by showing you the viewer my Biblically themed decks. Please enjoy these Biblically interpreted decks. They will bless your soul.

To serve your Bible Study needs better, all card images for these decks are on-line now.

In Christ,


Any Yu-Gi-Oh! fan will notice that some of these cards are (T) Spellcaster Cards, or (T) Magic/Spell cards. This in no way suggests that God is a spellcaster or His servants, because they are not. God doesn t like the magic arts. Enjoy the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game, but don t let it hurt your chance to go to heaven. In other words, don t try to imitate these cards to cast spells , instead praise God that you have a game to play. Keep yourselves holy please!!!!

The Bible States:

Rev 22:12 Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.

Rev 22:13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Rev 22:14 Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city.

Rev 22:15 Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

Rev 22:16 I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.

In other words the magic arts are detestable to God, however, Yugioh isn't inherently evil. It is a game, nothing more. These card decks are visual aids to show the Bible comparisons in the cards. For example, if a card has an evil symbol in one deck, it might be a good symbol in the next.

Note: Sometimes in these lesson decks, you will find text that is highlighted in yellow. These are important items and should be taken as such. Sometimes this is on a word for emphasis, or the highlighted text is on sections of the card lists. An example of this would be the ATTK or Def. of a creature in these lesson decks (sometimes both) because this would be what you are to look at to see the Biblical parallels in the decks. These may not be the only reasons you see the highlights, so please pay attention!!! Enjoy!!!

As many people know I teach. Teaching is one of the many gifts and/or talents God has graced me with. It is all for Him that I do such a thing. For a long while now (about eight months or so when this was written), I have been told by God to start making decks of cards with spiritual lessons behind them. These decks range from decks of life and death or something weird but true. In most decks, there is a God character; however some do not have one. Most have some sort of Satan character as well; again however, some do not. These are to signify that the Devil is truly real. The God characters are to signify the same about Him.

The following card lists will show the spiritual meaning behind each card or groups of cards. The groups of cards will have a vertical format with no text to interpret them until the last card. At that time it may not be time yet still for the Bible parallel part. When this happens it will simply be a symbol. Then the time will come for the parallels some divisions of certain decks will have multiple parallels. Each parallel, as I said, will end divisions or they will be a subgroup of a parallel. An example would be if there are three cards followed by a symbol then three more cards before the parallel of the six cards within that big division.

An Example:

Division III: Consequences Of Bad Judgment

This division includes:

Helping Robo for Combat
(T) Attk 1600 Def 0 Helping Robo For Combat (2)
Look at his Defense. This symbolizes being headstrong (See "A Deal With Dark Ruler" in this division)
Dark Dust Spirit
(E, T) Dark Dust Spirit (2)
Unbelievably headstrong (This causes one to start becoming part of the spiritually walking dead) (See A Deal With Dark Ruler in this division)
Ancient Brain
(A) Attk 1000 Def 700 *Ancient Brain
Tainted Wisdom
(A) (Attk 1250 Def 800) *Tainted Wisdom
Tainted Wisdom
(N, E) *Polymerization
Skull Knight
(A, N) (Attk 2650 Def 2250) *Skull Knight
Depression, because of all of the failed attempts to win impatiently. If the devil gets someone in this shape, surrender is necessary soon for that person to do anything in the future for God. This "Skull Knight" is unrepentant because of pride despite the bad stuff happening. Don t be like this card. Be like the woman here. Repent!! Read John 4: 1-26 (from Beat Down deck)
Chaos Sorcerer
(A, N) Chaos Sorcerer
If one is unrepentant then this person may be given over to be reprobate, may be even become more prideful, and have spiritual chaos without hope unless repentance comes soon. If one doesn't repent, spiritually being out of play ensues. This is not a good situation. Read Romans 1: 18-32
Dice Re-Roll
(N, E) Dice Re-Roll
Second Coin Toss
(N, E) Second Coin Toss
God is a God of second chances. If one repents and turns away from sin, bad habits and choices and bad chances, like this deck portrays, there is saving grace. And, this saving grace of second chances is continuous. Read Mathew 6: 5-14
Total Defense Shogun
(N, E) Total Defense Shogun
Intense pride, regardless of the call to surrender one's life. (See "A Deal With Dark Ruler" in this division)
Blue Eyes White Dragon
(A, N) (Attk 3000 Def 2500) *Blue Eyes White Dragon
Using this card as an example, think of how Lucifer, the King of Tyre, and King Solomon once were. This card stands for what God wanted for this example of an ill-fated creature like the devil. He was once rich in majesty and beauty and power. Physical and perhaps even spiritual judgment came on these two kings. As for the devil now in God s sight, he is nothing and will be nothing. Read as stated at the beginning of this deck interpretation Isaiah 14: 1-15
A Deal With Dark Ruler
(N, E) A Deal With Dark Ruler
Unfortunately, Lucifer, The King of Tyre, and King Solomon made the wrong choices and wound up pulling a stunt like this. Lucifer became the Dark Ruler because of his pride, the other two seemed to make a deal with him. This never wins. Read as stated at the beginning of this deck interpretation Ezekiel 28 1-18, I Kings 1: 28-11: 43. (As stated in Interpretation Division I: The Educated Guesser)

This example is from "Chancy" explained in Part III of the Yu-Gi-Oh! spiritual lessons. (This was not its entire division, but is sufficient to show how parallels and symbols work.)

Cards that have *'s beside them are floater cards that travel from deck to deck because they are rare or very rare and I would only have one or two of. Sometimes these particular cards are just that versatile. Most of the time, those floater cards will mean something entirely different depending on God s design for the deck and the card in question. Some cards have groupings with the same meaning; or they work together to tell the complete meaning. These will be presented one after the other with comment following the group (see above examples).

Some cards will mean something different, but go back to a common verse already in the list. Some cards have numbers beside them Ex. (1), (2), (3). These show the number of cards with this name in the particular deck in question. The individual card types don't have much to do with the meaning sometimes. Sometimes it is the effect of the card, or maybe even the attribute. Sometimes, the interpretations are involved with a combination of the characteristics of the cards.

Think of the acronym F.A.P.N.E.T. This acronym is short for Fisherman's Applied Net . It is a way of describing the parallels of the decks as a whole. Mathew 4: 18-22 and John 21: 1-14 is the combined parallel for this acronym.

There are six things about Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in general. These six items are the "F" or flavor-text of normal cards, (Ex. "A wizard of the waters that conjures a liquid wall to crush any enemies who oppose him." --Trinity Protection Deck):

Aqua Madoor
A wizard of the waters

"A" or attribute (Ex. Dark), "P" or the picture (Ex. a shadowy dragon shooting lasers in the dark), "N" or the name of the card (Ex. Barrel Dragon):

Barrel Dragon

E or effect (Ex. Toss a coin 3 times. If 2 out of 3 results are heads, destroy 1 monster on the opponent s side of the field. This effect can only be used once per turn during your Main Phase.), and "T" or type (Ex. Machine).

Unless otherwise noted (like "F" flavor text), these examples stated above are out of a deck named "Chancy" described later. I will put one or more of these letters beside each card in parenthesis. On normal cards with no effects, I will show the Attack and Defense of the card(s) in question as well; this includes fusion cards with no effects. For the purposes of these decks, the cards with no effects include St. Joan, Musician King as well as:

Skull Night

Some cards have an effect but only their ATTK and Def matter. If this happens, I will still show the ATTK and Def of the card(s) in question. If nothing but ATTK and Def is important in even an effect creature; then I will just show the ATTK and Def of that particular creature.

These lists might take one who knows this game to understand the spiritual truths that were dealt to me by God. Those who do not know the game, if I get a request to show the deck(s), I will try to give some help if needed by perhaps showing images of the cards used if they are not on-line already. I will use Bible references in this bunch of descriptions so as to make things plainer to see the parallels. Some decks all together as a group have one common message with a common parallel. Even in these decks if I can break even a common parallel into divisions, I will.