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Spiritual Lessons From The Yu-Gi-Oh!: Card Game I

Series: Yu-gi-oh! TCG

Topic: Yu-gi-oh! Lesson Deck Series

Lesson PDF link: Yu-gi-oh! Card Game 1

"He who has an ear to hear, hear what Spirit says" (Rev. 2:7a) about these decks. The first deck to be interpreted is Beat Down . This deck is a deck without any kind of a God card in it. This deck is purely a demonic deck. It is built on weakening, hunger, fear, illusion, unbelief and destruction.

The devil does the above all the time. The Bible states:

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Resist him and stand firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kinds of sufferings. (I Peter 5: 8-9)

Also, the Bible states:

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising then his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve. (II Corinthians 11: 13-15)

Remembering The Yu-Gi-Oh! Lesson Decks' Key:

+Note: The Letters In Front Of The Card Names Show The Specific Parts Of Every Card That Show A Biblical Parallel.

++ Note: Look For These Letters At The Beginning Of The Card Names.

F = Flavor-Text (These Are Only Found On Normal Cards)

A = Attribute

P = Picture

N = Name

E = Effect

T = Type

This deck includes:

Remove Trap
(E) *Remove Trap (3)
(E) *Kuriboh (3)

Even the devil can get out of a trap if it s not his time to get caught. Maybe no damage will happen to him at this time, but surely, he is weakened in morale because he has less of a defense against a prayerful, watchful Christian. The devil knows that his day of reckoning is near. Read Luke 8: 26-39

Man Eater Bug
(E) Man Eater Bug (3)

A destructive servant. He can kill and put into the grave even the greatest of God s creatures. His spiritual symbol is spiritual death. Read I Peter 5: 8-9 (see above)

Labyrinth Wall
(T) (Attk 0 Def 3000) *Labyrinth Wall(3)

A tough and confusing wall. He has a tough defense, but no real power. He loves to just stay where he is. He simply defends himself without advancing in life. He doesn't listen to or comprehend the truth God's prophets say about anything in the spiritual realm; therefore these actions cause God's prophets to seemingly beat themselves against the unresponsive Wall whose spiritual symbol is a hardened heart. Everyone who talks to one of these is talking to a rock!! Read Zechariah 7: 1-14

Electric Lizard
(E) Electric Lizard (3)

This is one of the delaying tactics that the devil uses. Sometimes the devil can send a servant to try to put Christians into spiritual traction by saying something that would need a counselor s help to solve. Therefore, this tactic might cause a Christian to not be able to fight with any strength for a while. Rejoice because God is with you. This card s spiritual symbols are fear, confusion and spiritual weakness Read II Corinthians 11-12.

Card Destruction
(P, N, E) Card Destruction
Harpies Feather Duster
(P, E) Harpie's Feather Duster
(P, E) *Raigeki

With strong Christians who have a lot of faith, the devil is seldom lucky. Sometimes the devil pulls one of these stunts; he will sometimes try to treat a righteous man like Job. The devil may be allowed to play havoc with worldly goods and other possessions. Will you be like Job and persevere, or will a potential bad hand that God can always work with succeed in driving you batty spiritually? Have faith my friends. Don't let their spiritual symbols of turmoil and grief get you down! Study all of Job.

After Genocide
(P, E) After Genocide (2)

Sometimes the devil will destroy all of the Godly hard work you have done by giving misdirection to good intentioned people. Pray for something good to come out of this and try again. Read Romans 3: 1-26

Robotic Knight
(T) (Attk 1600 Def 1800) *Robotic Knight (3)
Acrobat Monkey
(T) (Attk 1000 Def 1800) Acrobat Monkey

These are machines. When a person is professing Christianity and doesn't practice what he/she preaches, he/she is a worthless machine that just goes through the motions. Nothing good comes out of this. The devil is pleased when someone is like this. Their spiritual symbols are lying and deception. Read Luke 13: 1-17

Soul Exchange
(N, E) Soul Exchange
Invader Of The Throne
(N, E) *Invader of the Throne
(A,T) (Attk1800 Def 1700) Opticlops

If a person is a reprobate; he/she may get possessed, or do something that even the person in question would never do in his/her right mind. Beware of this stunt the devil can pull. Its spiritual symbol is a lack of conscience and/or self-control. Read Acts 16: 16- 18, I Timothy 4: 1-5

Smashing Ground
(N, E) Smashing Ground (2)
Fairy Meteor Crush
(N, E) Fairy Meteor Crush (2)
Continuous Destruction Punch
(N, E) Continuous Destruction Punch

Sometimes even the strongest of Christians falls if the devil hits hard enough and the Christian is not prepared. The devil will especially jump on a fresh Christian because he/she may not be prepared. The devil uses this brute force for an attempted knockout punch. Always be prepared for this. Its spiritual symbol is strength; however it is in this case a demonic strength and takes a lot of endurance, prayer, and grace to get through it. Read Lamentations 3

Nobleman Of Extermination
(E) Nobleman of Extermination
Nobleman Of Crossout
(E) Nobleman of Crossout (2)
(A) (Attk 2750 Def 2400) *Wingweaver (2)
Nobleman Eater Bug
(E) *Nobleman Eater Bug (3)
Metal Armored Bug
(N) (Attk 2800 Def 1500) Metal Armored Bug

Made of light and nobility, of course not! This is another breed of fake like the machines above. These actually put their deluded views into practice. Think of Saul in the New Testament. This type will come onto the scene like a strong tank and say that their way is best without actually being right with God, and therefore, leading his/her neighbor or little ones to spiritual destruction. Read Acts 7:54 - 9:19

Mask Of Dispel
(E) Mask of Dispel

Sometimes the devil chains a poor unsuspecting person with his own possessions. This happens only if material is more important or is allowed to become more important. Its spiritual symbols are false security and a closed mind. If this is allowed to continue, major spiritual damage will ensue. Read Luke 12: 13-21, Mark 10: 17-31

Heart Of Clear Water
(N, E) *Heart of Clear Water (3)
Insect Barrier
(N, E) Insect Barrier
DNA Surgery
(N, E) DNA Surgery
DNA Transplant
(N, E) DNA Transplant
Solar Ray
(E) Solar Ray

When the devil makes himself up to be something he is not; look out!! Sometimes this will cause fear and trembling so bad that you may not attack even the weakest of the devil s strongholds. Sometimes the devil forms the illusion that he is pure when he is exactly the opposite. If you believe in these types of cheap tricks, then extreme spiritual damage will most definitely ensue. The spiritual symbol here is illusion. Read II Corinthians 11: 13-15

Germ Infection
(N, E) Germ Infection
Shadow Spell
(E) Shadow Spell (2)
(E) Riryoku
Call Of The Haunted
(N, E) Call of the Haunted
Tainted Wisdom
(N, A) *Tainted Wisdom
Ancient Brain
(N, A) (Attk 1000, Def 700) *Ancient Brain
Skull Knight
(N) (Attk 2650 Def 2250) *Skull Knight

The devil tries to weaken the faiths of men and women alike. This comes in the form of trying to make one dwell on bad health or the bad circumstances of life. Don't let this happen to you. Spiritual life and life in general are too precious to get damaged in this way. The spiritual symbols here are spiritual weakness, spiritual famine, bad choices, chains of yesterday, depression, and the storms of life. Read John 4: 1-26

(E) *Kiseitai (3)
Blast With Chain
(E) Blast With Chain (3)
Fear From The Dark
(N,E) Fear From The Dark (2)
Dream Clown
(N, E) *Dream Clown (3)

Sometimes it is threats that are the devil s flavor of choice or false prophesies against someone. These threats are always empty. Even if something were to happen, God always has something better for you. Be aware of this. Watch and pray. The spiritual symbol here is a lack of discernment. Pray for the discernment of the Lord! Read I John 4: 1-6

Axe Of Despair
(N, E) *Axe of Despair (2)

Sometimes the devil makes himself to be big, huge, and powerful. In reality, he is a slow, foolish lumbering, and weak buffoon. Don't let the devil scare you into this card's spiritual symbols of depression and despair. Read I Peter 5:8-9 (again see above)

Fiber Jar
(E) *Fiber Jar

If what the devil does actually works, he won't leave you. He will keep on doing the same things because he knows how to push people's buttons. The spiritual symbol here is habitual sin. Read Ephesians 5:1-21

Witch Of The Black Forest
(E) *Witch Of The Black Forest
(E) *Sangan
(N,E) *Polymerization (2)

These are false prophets. They tell everyone that everything is all right when everything is just the opposite. They serve as the forerunners of more powerfully evil individuals and the devil's army to come against God. Be ready. We are in the end times. Read Jeremiah 8: 1-17

(A) (Attk 2100 Def 1800) Sanwitch

This is what the false prophets are the forerunners of. The spiritual symbol here is the Anti-Christ. Read Revelation 13

Dark Ruler Ha Des
(A, N, E, T) *Dark Ruler Ha Des

This is the Satan Character in the deck. He is everything bad rolled into one. Soon, the devil will meet more than his match and then his punishment will surely come. Read Revelation 20