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Spiritual Lessons From The Yu-Gi-Oh!: Card Game III

Series: Yu-gi-oh! TCG

Topic: Yu-gi-oh! Lesson Deck Series

Lesson PDF link: Yu-gi-oh! Card Game 3

The next deck to be interpreted is known as "Chancy." Its motto is "Guesses Make Messes." This is a very interesting deck because it probably has about a 10-20% shot at winning in actual match play; however it teaches well. This deck has three divisions. The first is "The Educated Guesser." The second division is "Shooting Blind." The third division is "Consequences of Bad Judgment." As one can see, there are not very many saving graces in this deck. If one doesn t surrender all to God to the best of his/her ability and repent of any sin he/she commits; then there is not very much saving grace because that person has not accepted it with surrendering.

I was given an interesting parable. There was a man who loved guesses, but his judgment in those guesses made messes. At first, he experimented well, praying for every one of his experiments to be godly. A little while later he stopped praying because he was proud. He thought that his experiments couldn t be bad ever. He eventually got the idea to start experiments that were increasingly more dangerous to himself and others. Most of the experiments of this type went horribly wrong. But, this prideful man kept on with this kind of experiment. He got so depressed because of these failures that he got desperate and tried even more outlandish things to get him out of the pickle he was in. He thought: "I am still doing the right thing. Nothing can go wrong because my experiments are flawless. I know I ll succeed." The man s foolish attempts didn't work. God tried to reason with the man and offered him grace and peace. In other words to surrender his mistakes and pride in exchange for joy and hope but to no avail, for the man was still too prideful. The man kept in his desperation and went berserk. The man died and God's holy judgment was upon his head.

Interpretation of the parable:

The above may be a parable, but parallels with Lucifer's fall from heaven. Lucifer became Satan and started deceiving the nations into making guesses about their spirituality and their people s lives. "Guesses Make Messes." Satan wants nothing less than for people to become lukewarm in their Christian faith or to actively try to trash God's handiwork (think of Saul before he became Paul). The parallels for the above are Isaiah 14: 1-15, Ezekiel 28 1-18. What happened to Lucifer that is described in the first of the two scriptures also happened to the King of Tyre and is a direct parallel to Satan's fall from heaven. Pride, or in this deck's case being headstrong (a kind of pride), is a major killer. So in other words, both Satan and the King of Tyre fell from unmatchable beauty and wisdom to nothing literally!!

Remembering The Yu-Gi-Oh! Lesson Decks' Key:

+Note: The Letters In Front Of The Card Names Show The Specific Parts Of Every Card That Show A Biblical Parallel.

++ Note: Look For These Letters At The Beginning Of The Card Names.

F = Flavor-Text (These Are Only Found On Normal Cards)

A = Attribute

P = Picture

N = Name

E = Effect

T = Type

Division I: The Educated Guesser

This division includes:

Graceful Dice
(E) Graceful Dice
White Magical Hat
(A, E) White Magical Hat (2)
Hiros Shadow Scout
(E) Hiro's Shadow Scout (2)
Robbin Goblin
(E) Robbin' Goblin (3)
Needle Wall
(E) Needle Wall (3)
(E) Kryuel (3)
Armed Ninja
(E) Armed Ninja
Trap Master
(N, E) Trap Master (2)
Crimson Ninja
(E) Crimson Ninja (3)
Barrel Dragon
(E) Barrel Dragon
Shadow Of Eyes.
(E) Shadow of Eyes (3)
A Man With Widjat
(E) A Man With Widjat (3)
Muka Muka
(E) Muka Muka (2)
Enraged Muka Muka
(E) Enraged Muka Muka (3)
Ominous Fortunetelling
(E) Ominous Fortunetelling (2)
Princess Of Tsurugi
(E) Princess Of Tsurugi (3)

Interpretation of Division I: The Educated Guesser

This is in my opinion in ascending order from the least to the most effective guesses in the deck. This is to symbolize rise of power, strength, and wisdom. The "Enraged Muka Muka" cards symbolize peak power. The "A Man With Widjat" cards symbolize peak wisdom. The "Princess Of Tsurugi" cards symbolize peak beauty and strength. The card known as "Bait Doll" is the temptation of pride that will soon overtake our deck.

When some of the big kings fell in Bible days, they started well and then their careers ended badly. A good example is King Solomon, who was one of the wisest of the wise. His splendor was beautiful. He ended up marrying into families that were not supposed to be married into. Read I Kings 1: 28-11: 43. We can use this as yet another example of this "Chancy" deck whose motto is "Guesses Make Messes."

These divisions tell the story of pride as in Lucifer, or the King of Tyre. King Solomon here has the symbol of chaos and ruin as this deck so eloquently puts it with its many parallels. Of all the parallels though; the story of Satan s fall from heaven is the most major parallel. There are parallels like King Solomon that have been discussed. This deck also warns on being lukewarm.

Lucifer obviously started out fine as the Bible suggests. He is said to have been one of the most, if not the most beautiful thing you could ever see, except for God himself. However, when he fell he lost his home and his spiritual beauty. His appearance on the surface may actually be the same; however it is a very deceptive beauty indeed.

Division I has the spiritual symbols of prayer, faith, obedience, strength, beauty, and wisdom. None of the guesses in Division I will hurt anyone except for the opponent in match play. In fact, these guesses are downright smart. The symbol that covers all of them in a nutshell is Godly. Read Proverbs 29: 1-27

There are a couple of horrible transition cards in this deck known as "Bait Doll" and "Drop Off" between Divisions I and II. These cards are educated guesses that for some reason start the decline of this deck. These cards read:

Bait Doll
(N) Bait Doll
Drop Off
(P, N) Drop Off

"Bait Doll" means the temptation of turning one's back on God. "Drop Off" means that moral character in this deck changes and not for the better. Do you see the hand dropping the sword? For this deck's purposes, this sword is the sword of righteousness. "Bait Doll" and "Drop Off" are not a part of a division. They are just transition cards.

Division II: Shooting Blind

This division includes:

(P, N, E) *Greed
Jar Of Greed
(N) Jar of Greed
Pot Of Greed
(N) Pot of Greed
Reckless Greed
(N) Reckless Greed
Card Shuffle
(P, N, E) Card Shuffle (2)
Monster Recovery
(E) Monster Recovery (2)
Magical Hats
(N, E) Magical Hats
Roulette Barrel
(N, E) Roulette Barrel (3)
A Hero Emerges
(N, E) A Hero Emerges
Chosen One
(N, E) Chosen One (3)
(N, E) Reasoning (2)
Monster Gate
(E) Monster Gate (3)
Magical Merchant
(N, E) Magical Merchant (2)
Morphing Jar 2
(E) Morphing Jar #2 (2)
Fiend Comedian
(E) *Fiend Comedian (3)
(P, N, E) Gamble (3)
Blind Destruction
(N, E) Blind Destruction
Sand Gambler
(P, N, E) Sand Gambler
Time Wizard
(E) Time Wizard
(P, N, E) Ante (2)
Fairy Box
(E) Fairy Box
Dice Jar
(E) Dice Jar (2)
Reversal Quiz
(E) Reversal Quiz

Interpretation Of Division II: Shooting Blind

For all of the cards listed above, Revelation 3 is a great parallel. This middle group starts on a bad note with "Jar Of Greed" then bigger with Pot Of Greed and to more dangerous greed eventually with the next card in our deck with "Reckless Greed." The card "Greed" in the game causes damage to whoever draws with such cards, but it symbolizes also temptation of such. This is one of the devil's calling cards and should be seen and not fallen into in one's life. The card "Greed" has the spiritual symbol of spiritual damage due to being greedy. This is perfect because of our next point.

Greed, in general, is not a good thing. It gets so intoxicating eventually that one does not feel that God is needed. This is especially true if the greed yields good physical results, so to speak. After this our deck gets more and more destructive with its guesses and wants to win without being patient (aka Dice Jar). Failing that, desperation sets in and the biggest of all chances (aka Reversal Quiz) takes place. This section has the unfortunate spiritual symbols of being greedy, prideful, and impatient. These attributes are three of the worst to have and delight the devil to no end.

Lucifer obviously showed these attributes when he fell. When we act like this we have a recipe for disaster, as this deck will soon show.

The lukewarm part of this deck is that no one knows truly what side it is on. When one is like this; God is severely limited and gets very sad and angry because he does not have any way of working through the indifferent attitude without drastic measures. We cannot win souls with a wishy-washy attitude about us. No one will know that we are of God, and thus, be as good as against him in His sight.

Division III: Consequences Of Bad Judgment

This division includes:

Helping Robo for Combat
Attk 1600 Def 0 Helping Robo For Combat (2)
Look at his Defense. This symbolizes being headstrong (See "A Deal With Dark Ruler" in this division)
Dark Dust Spirit
(E, T) Dark Dust Spirit (2)
Unbelievably headstrong (This causes one to start becoming part of the spiritually walking dead) (See "A Deal With Dark Ruler" in this division)
Ancient Brain
(A) Attk 1000 Def 700 *Ancient Brain
Tainted Wisdom
(A) (Attk 1250 Def 800) *Tainted Wisdom
Tainted Wisdom
(N, E) *Polymerization
Skull Knight
(A, N) (Attk 2650 Def 2250) *Skull Knight
Depression, because of all of the failed attempts to win impatiently. If the devil gets someone in this shape, surrender is necessary soon for that person to do anything in the future for God. This "Skull Knight" is unrepentant because of pride despite the bad stuff happening. Don t be like this card. Be like the woman here. Repent!! Read John 4: 1-26 (from Beat Down deck)
Chaos Sorcerer
(A, N) Chaos Sorcerer
If one is unrepentant then this person may be given over to be reprobate, may be even become more prideful, and have spiritual chaos without hope unless repentance comes soon. If one doesn't repent, spiritually being out of play ensues. This is not a good situation. Read Romans 1: 18-32
Dice Re-Roll
(N, E) Dice Re-Roll
Second Coin Toss
(N, E) Second Coin Toss
God is a God of second chances. If one repents and turns away from sin, bad habits and choices and bad chances, like this deck portrays, there is saving grace. And, this saving grace of second chances is continuous. Read Mathew 6: 5-14
Total Defense Shogun
(N, E) Total Defense Shogun
Intense pride, regardless of the call to surrender one's life. (See A Deal With Dark Ruler in this division)
Blue Eyes White Dragon
(A, N) (Attk 3000 Def 2500) *Blue Eyes White Dragon
Using this card as an example, think of how Lucifer, the King of Tyre, and King Solomon once were. This card stands for what God wanted for this example of an ill-fated creature like the devil. He was once rich in majesty and beauty and power. Physical and perhaps even spiritual judgment came on these two kings. As for the devil now in God s sight, he is nothing and will be nothing. Read as stated at the beginning of this deck interpretation Isaiah 14: 1-15
A Deal With Dark Ruler
(N, E) A Deal With Dark Ruler
Unfortunately, Lucifer, The King of Tyre, and King Solomon made the wrong choices and wound up pulling a stunt like this. Lucifer became the Dark Ruler because of his pride, the other two seemed to make a deal with him. This never wins. Read as stated at the beginning of this deck interpretation Ezekiel 28 1-18, I Kings 1: 28-11: 43. (As stated in Interpretation Division I: The Educated Guesser)
Berserk Dragon
(A, N, E, T) (Attk 3500 Def 0) Berserk Dragon

These kings made a deal with the devil for more power, wealth, or lust and ultimately turned into something like what the devil is today (ruined at least in the physical sense; this is no judgment on their salvation. The end is not a good one for these kings according to the accounts). The devil has perhaps a high attack, but not one shred of defense vs. God and his might. The devil is now a berserk maniac and eventually will see justice. Read Revelation 20 (from "Beat Down" deck --"Dark Ruler Ha Des").

Berserk Dragon
(E) Balloon Lizard (3)
Heart Of Clear Water
(N, E) Heart Of Clear Water (3)

God's judgment is coming. No one knows when this will happen; however the devil's and any other who follows Satan s evil ways have their crimes piling up. God's wrath will come on anyone who has not surrendered when the Day Of Judgment comes. This parallel is the same as Berserk Dragon.,/p>

Interpretation of Division III: Consequences Of Bad Judgment

This division shows how greed and pride if left unchecked can take over and turn to spiritual ruin. This division starts with its greed cards in order to show what just a little slip-up can do. At first it wasn't much, in fact at first, it might have been even physically profitable. But, greed is still greed.

In Lucifer's case, he got greedy and wanted to be God. This turned to outright envy, and then his attempt at being greedy caused him to lose his home, his spiritual beauty, and eventually his spiritual life will be nothing but grief and sorrow. Forever, he will die a spiritual death.

In the case of King Solomon and the King of Tyre, they did quite the same thing. King Solomon got greedy for women he shouldn't have been with, the King of Tyre got greedy for power and wealth. These are spiritual chances that should not be taken because they lead to spiritual doom.

Hopefully, these kings repented. The King of Tyre, according to the Bible, sounds like he didn't repent. With Solomon, he was called wise in the Old and New Testaments, however, not once in the New Testament was he called righteous. So, that is why he is included in this acrid and humbling deck about these three and their fall. I hope these two kings found salvation. Remember, this deck is not a judgment against them.