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Aid From The Community

This is an appeal to the general community (internet and otherwise whomever this is read by). We need help obtaining cartoons that this ministry has made lessons on, but doesn't have factory copies of. Like most non-profit organizations we sometimes need extra help to smooth out problems and fund projects and hope this appeal is not a bother to receive for anyone. For right now, DVDs of these shows are preferred because our equipment doesn't read Blu-Ray discs at this time. We will start with the earliest lessons made and advance to later ones in sequence. In other words the ones that you do not see are already bought and in our possession.

The lessons that you see that we need help for have a TV feed instead meaning that it was recorded off of TV and only are being used as placeholders for factory copies.  This is the most legal way to do things and we are acting fast to make sure that things are on the level.  However, sometimes things won't be released and that's fine; these recordings will be ok until factory releases are available.

   1: Lesson Link: http://toonspirit.net/resources/7.pdf

For Lesson 7 (Jesus: The True Joe And The Bread Of Life—The Real Joe), we need the MGM cartoon short called “Jerky Turkey”. If the Cartoon Network Skit called “Hello, I'm Joe” has been released, we need that too.

2: Lesson Link: http://toonspirit.net/resources/9b.pdf

For Lesson 9b (Bullies II—Consequences Of Being A Bully), we need  the Cartoon Network skit called “Cartoon Network Police Line-up” if it has been released.

3: Lesson Link: http://toonspirit.net/resources/10.pdf

For Lesson 10 (Bad Days), if a cartoon series called Superbook has been released we need an episode called “The Patience Of Job” and an Animaniacs Episode called “Can't Buy A Thrill”

4: Lesson Link: http://toonspirit.net/resources/12a.pdf

For Lesson 12a (Keeping Promises, Breaking Promises I—Keeping Promises Can Be Hard), We need the Superbook episode called “That's A Promise” if it has been released.

 5: Lesson Link: http://toonspirit.net/resources/19b.pdf

For Lesson 19b (Liars' Convention II—Is Lying Good? II You Make The Call (Hard) ),  if released Cartoon Network Skits “Sick Day At Cartoon Network”

6: Lesson Link: http://toonspirit.net/resources/20.pdf

For Lesson 20 (Noah's Ark), if released,  the Superbook episode called “The Flood”

7: Lesson Link: http://toonspirit.net/resources/21a.pdf

For Lesson 21a (Habits And Idols I—Definition Of An Idol), we need the Popeye cartoon short called “It's The Natural Thing To Do” and if released, we need the Cartoon Network Skit called Chasers Anonymous

 8: Lesson Link: http:toonspirit.net/resources/26f.pdf For Lesson 26f (Responsibilities VI—Teamwork And Team Spirit, from you football fans who collect games when they are offered by the NFL, if released we need the 4th quarter of the 2001 Thanksgiving Day Game between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.

9: Lesson Link: http://toonspirit.net/resources/41.pdf

For Lesson 41 (Through Locked Doors), we need the Monster Rancher episode called “Don't Give Up Ducken!”

10: Lesson Link: http://toonspirit.net/resources/43.pdf

For Lesson 43 (Joy Of Noble Kings), if released we need the Smurfs episode called “The Return Of The Clockwork Smurf”

11: Lesson Link:


For Lesson 50 (Toon Physics God), we need the Looney Tunes cartoon called “Along Flirtation Walk”.

Other Needs:

We will need a very long HDMI cord to turn host home TV's into computer monitors in order to watch and take a cartoon lesson on a big screen. We have other hopes and dreams for ministry that might take money and need fundraising for as in possibly publishing books of lessons that especially don't require a cartoon. We would like to publish music that we write for our ministry as well.  We could use some help with putting our ministry's music to .mp3 format, meaning we need volunteers to sing the music that is written and record it to .mp3 format.

Like we are saying, this is a plea for help from our community (internet and otherwise) for help in spreading the Gospel in the way God has given us.

Contact by phone at (859) 267-9469 (Carl R. Heinlein—Or Richie as our friends call me.)

(859) 267-9470 (Bonnie)

e-mail: professorparody@toonspirit.net –Richie

heartsforgod@toonspirit.net –Bonnie

Any donations by check should be made payable to:

Toonspirit Ministries Inc.

418 Big Hill Ave. Apt. 217

Richmond KY 40475

Or you can donate on-line on this website.

Thanks to all who read this and especially those who read and pray for us and/or donates equipment, cartoons, or money. God Bless You. Be Safe.


Pastor Carl R. Heinlein

President—Toonspirit Ministries