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Toon Lessons

Lesson 1: Music: God's Gift to Man

Lesson 2: Revenge

Lesson 3a: Don't You Believe It! I - False Doctrine and Teaching

Lesson 3b: Don't You Believe It! II - Cults

Lesson 4: Lazarus

Lesson 5: God Gives Us Strength

Lesson 6a: Love and Friendship Part I - What Love And Friendship Isn't

Lesson 6b: Love And Friendship Part II - What Love And Friendship Is

Lesson 6c: Love And Friendship Part III - Love Is The Root Of All True Friendship

Lesson 7: Jesus: The True Joe and The Bread of Life (The Real Joe)

Lesson 8: God's Defense of the Covenant With Man (Jesus Clears The Temple)

Lesson 9a: Bullies I - What Is A Bully?

Lesson 9b: Bullies II - Consequences Of Being A Bully

Lesson 10: Bad Days

Lesson 11: Prejudice

Lesson 12a: Keeping Promises, Breaking Promises I - Keeping Promises Can Be Hard

Lesson 12b: Keeping Promises, Breaking Promises II - Sin: A Promise That Needs To Be Broken

Lesson 13: Greed: The Devil's Treasure Chest

Lesson 14a: Final Judgment I - It's A Party!

Lesson 14b: Final Judgment II - Devil's Doom; Heaven Says Hallelujah!

Lesson 15: The True Meaning Of Christmas

Lesson 16: Temptation And Shortcuts

Lesson 17: The Healer

Lesson 18a: The Azraels Of Life I - Love My Azraels Don't You?

Lesson 18b: The Azraels Of Life II - We Are Not Amused

Lesson 19a: Liars' Convention I - Is Lying Good? You Make The Call (Easy?)

Lesson 19b: Liars' Convention II - Is Lying Good? (Hard)

Lesson 20: The Flood

Lesson 21a: Habits And Idols I - Definition Of An Idol

Lesson 21b: Habits And Idols II - Addictions Are Idols Too!

Lesson 21c: Habits And Idols III - Idol Destruction!

Lesson 22a: The Chlorhydris Files I - Loss Of Beauty Is No Loss Of Love

Lesson 22b: The Chlorhydris Files II - Outside The Box

Lesson 22c: The Chlorhydris Files III - How The Chlorhydris Stole Christmas

Lesson 22d: The Chlorhydris Files IV - Influence Of The Tongue

Lesson 22e: The Chlorhydris Files V - The Golden Rule In Reverse

Lesson 22f: The Chlorhydris Files VI - Chlorhydris Can't Steal Our Love Mirth, And Unity In Jesus Christ!!!

Lesson 22g: The Chlorhydris Files VII - This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made

Lesson 23: Atlas, Put The World Down - Rest For The Weary

Lesson 24: Spiritual Contentment vs. The Love Of Money

Lesson 25a: Obedience vs. Disobedience I - The Fruit Of Laboring In Jesus Christ

Lesson 25b: Looking For Canaan Land In Vain

Lesson 26a: Responsibilities I: The Honorable Martyr

Lesson 26b(a): Responsibilities IIa: Humility - The Witness

Lesson 26b(b): Responsibilities IIb: Being Humbled - Not!

Lesson 26b(c): Responsibilities IIc: Being Humbled - It's About Time

Lesson 26c: Responsibilities III: Seeking Wise Counsel

Lesson 26d: Responsibilities IV: Don't Be Lukewarm In Ministry

Lesson 26e: Responsibilities V: The Double Standard

Lesson 26f: Responsibilities VI: Teamwork And Team Spirit

Lesson 26g(a): Responsibilities VIIa - Redemption Day I: I'm Saved

Lesson 26g(b): Responsibilities VIIb - Remember You're Saved - If You Aren't, What Are You Waiting For?

Lesson 27: When Your World Falls Apart

Lesson 28: Holy Purity

Lesson 29: The Cardboard Castle

Lesson 30: Fasting

Lesson 31: Unity

Lesson 31b: Unity II

Lesson 32: Wisdom

Lesson 33: Worship The Lord Thy God Under Penalty Of Imprisonment Or Death

Lesson 34: Pleasures Are Meaningless Without God In One's Life

Lesson 35: Short Fuse

Lesson 36: You Stubborn And Stiff-Necked People

Lesson 37: Bait And Switch

Lesson 38a: The Master Dream Prophet I: I Just Can't Keep Anything Nice

Lesson 38b: The Master Dream Prophet II: Feast And Famine

Lesson 38c: The Master Dream Prophet III: Oh, How The Famine Has Fallen

Lesson 39: What Kind Of Plant Do You Want To Be: Wheat Or Tare?

Lesson 40: Critically Unacclaimed

Lesson 41: Through Locked Doors

Lesson 42: Who Praises Who?

Lesson 43: The Joy Of Noble Kings

Lesson 44a: Life Sentence: Marriage Part I: The Beginning

Lesson 44b: Life Sentence II: Unevenly Yoked

Lesson 45a: The Seven Deadly Sins I: Avarice

Lesson 45b: The Seven Deadly Sins II: Rage

Lesson 45c(a): The Seven Deadly Sins III: Gluttony I - God and Food

Lesson 45c(b): The Seven Deadly Sins III: Gluttony II - Money And Prestige With A Side Of Selfishness

Lesson 45c(c): The Seven Deadly Sins III: Gluttony III - Things, With Another Side Of Selfishness

Lesson 45c(d): The Seven Deadly Sins III: Gluttony IV - Waste Of Resources

Lesson 45d: The Seven Deadly Sins - Lust

Lesson 46a: Guilty I - Everyone Is

Lesson 46ba: Guilty IIa - A Kangaroo Court

Lesson 46bb: Guilty IIb - The Sacrifice

Lesson 46bc: Guilty IIc - The Great Escape

Lesson 47: Don't Give Up Your Mission

Lesson 48: Trumps Or Stinkin' Butts (Toon Version)

Lesson 49: Accept God's Blessing Of Safety On Your Life

Lesson 50: Toon Physics God

Lesson 51: Jesus--The Good Shepherd

Lesson 52: Evils Of Alcohol

Lesson 53a: Depression And Disability I: Depression Is A Disability

Lesson 54: The Good Samaritan

Lesson 55: Make A Wish--For Living Water

Lesson 56: Intellect Of A Child

Lesson 57: Independence Day

Lesson 58: Traitor

Lesson 59a: The Ten Commandments: I-IV

Lesson 59b: The Ten Commandments: V-VI

Lesson 59c: The Ten Commandments: VII-VIII

Lesson 59d: The Ten Commandments: IX

Lesson 59e: The Ten Commandments: X

Lesson 60: Heaven's Town Criers

Lesson 61: A Weapon Forged Against You

Lesson 62: Lose To Win

Lesson 64: Lyin' Eyes

Lesson 66: Faith And Works

General Studies

Spiritual Lessons from the Chessboard


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck 2

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