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There are currently six Toonspirit Ministries Inc. operatives and/or officers on staff (three are on the board). If interested in joining our staff here, talk to one of us. This doesn't imply board status or authority. It does mean a chance to contribute suggestions that will be considered and most likely carried out within reason. You would be featured on this page as non-board staff (unless approved to be on the board). You will be given your own section of this ministry's website for your showcased lessons, articles, ministry projects etc. (if wanted by applicant). Because of our non-profit nature, there are no salaries or wages for anyone on staff or contributing writers unless approved by the board for extenuating circumstances of the projects in question etc..  We are also hereby allowed to appoint, hire, fire, or otherwise dismiss anyone we choose with the majority vote of the board..  Ties will be broken by the president with the 2 vote rule.  This action of appointing, hiring, firing and otherwise dismissing can happen with board members themselves.  We hereby may ordain and/or appoint a Pastor, spiritual leader or the like if so chosen by the board and members of Toonspirit Ministries by majority of all members present at the meeting in which it occurs; any ties will be broken by the president with the 2 vote rule.

The By-Laws (How Toonspirit Ministries runs and operates)

When main or side jobs are had by our staff, contributions are strongly encouraged (not required though) to fund our ministry projects and endeavors.

We are an independent Non-Profit religious Organization dedicated to advancing the Christian faith and unity within all Christendom.

Rules Of Conduct For All Toonspirit Operatives:

1) Our staff is obligated to follow the laws of God. We need to be salt and light to the world that is lost.

2) Our staff is obligated to believe in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and that He died on the cross and rose again once for all.

3) Be ready at a moment's notice if needed on call for presentations of lessons, ministry, and our business meetings unless given notice of illness, schedule, or the like.

4) We are obligated not to hinder ministry either in public places or private.

5) We are obligated to talk about upcoming ministry projects as to figure out if said projects are appropriate, about funding etc..

6) If potentially picked to be a staff member, be prepared to submit to a criminal background check or other possibly needed information if felt appropriate by the board.

7) All staff members are obligated to advertise (if appropriate), wherever we go (or at least highly aggressively)

8) Staff members must use the ministry's name with friends, family, and strangers. Approval of said people herein doesn't matter except in highly extenuating circumstances (medical appointment communication, impending rifts in family etc.)--please notify appropriate people to limit not using ministry name.

9) If staff members have nicknames, it is highly preferred that your formal name is used for total strangers. This is because ads will have the formalities in them. This is to stop confusion with wrong numbers etc.. For the purpose of definition we are calling a total stranger someone who is not in phone contact lists. Middle initials are not necessary unless felt appropriate by said operatives.

10) If mistakes happen or we get spiritually off-track (distractions, sin, etc.), we are obligated to own up to said things and appropriate disciplines will be carried out. Preferably, we need to police ourselves, failing that, staff is accountable to the rest of (or the entire) board.

About Disciplinary Action:

There isn't much to say here except that if our actions are going to affect and/or effect ministry negatively, then things will need to be done to handle the situation.

When we mess up it is time to get back to God and pray. So, to teach us that and that ministry is important, disciplinary actions are administered as follows:

Disciplinary Problem # 1--Misconduct In Public:

For these by-laws, a public offense is an inappropriate/sinful action that is not God-centered--in public. Public means in front of non-operatives and contributing writers who aren't listed in this website. An exception is a certified anonymous silent or alternate board member/contributing writer not listed.

Gross misconduct in public is not going to be tolerated for any reason. This includes everyone including the very top person(s) in this ministry. This is one of the worst things is to misbehave in public. Therefore, this is immediate grounds for suspension of leadership privileges. This will be carried out as follows:

1) If for any reason a staff member is caught losing his/her temper, committing misconduct of any kind or anything else that would negatively affect or effect ministry in public with Toonspirit advertising on or any other ministry advertising on, a suspension of one week will be administered unless there is a very good explanation.

2) If found there are extenuating circumstances there will be mercy on said person. The suspension may be shortened and/or formal report written by offending party.

3) If offending party writes a formal report, it will be read aloud and/or posted on this web for people to read and learn from these mistakes. If the incident in question is so bad that people would be turned off from Toonspirit, then a report will be read aloud to at least one staff/board member or more. These kinds of reports shall not be posted on ministry website. We must be held accountable.

4) If there is a report about an alleged incident, there will be an investigation by the board about the misconduct. If found to be true, rules 1-3 will be in full force and effect. If not provable or substantiated by other people etc., then there will be no action taken.

5) If a staff member is caught doing anything that is inappropriate, without Toonspirit advertising on (at this time, this would most likely be his/her Toonspirit shirt uniform), there will still be either a suspension of leadership duty and/or a formal report written and will be used as the above rules apply, however, this will be a lesser penalty than with the uniform etc.

6) The suspension (if there is one) will be for three days.

Rules For Toonspirit Operatives On Suspension (Misconduct In Public)

1) The suspended shall not take on staff duties--as in, voting, formal suggestions for projects, presenting or making lessons articles or anything else of Toonspirit issue unless approved by the board members not under suspension. Example if a time schedule is already in place and something like an article is due or the suspended is the only one capable of said duty. In other words, promises are promises. If rescheduling of said duty is possible then it will be done in rescheduled time after suspension is served.

2) If suspended falls into contingencies of rule #1, the suspension is not over (relief of suspension is temporary), it continues until it is served.

3) Any suspended party will be held accountable to God for their actions (along with all humanity). This said, suspended party will be asked to meditate and pray about actions for the duration of suspensions especially. The suspended party will be asked regularly if this is being done. If found to be not doing as asked, or not adequate--meaning the prayer and meditation, the suspension may be lengthened until found adequate for spiritual cleansing of praying through an incident.

4) If prayer and meditation through an incident isn't enough to help suspended, then physical help will be sought (doctor etc.). The suspension (if deemed appropriate) may be, but doesn't have to be lengthened to accommodate.

Problem # 2: Private Offenses

Rules For Private Offenses:

For these by-laws, private is defined as offense commited while alone or in front of only staff, board, and certified contributing writers. For these by-laws, a private offense is an inappropriate/sinful action that is not God-centered--in private (as defined above)

These are physically more minor offenses, because more than likely, no one is turned off from this ministry when an offense like this happens. Even so, an offense like this is dead-serious to God. Therefore, there are still consequences.

1) Until prayer through said incident happens, an informal suspension happens. This means, it is not advisable to write lessons, carry out business etc. (duties talked about above). The offender will concentrate on meditation, prayer, and spiritual healing and getting back the physical drive or motivation for doing ministry (only God grants these). Even chronic sin weakness fall into this category, unless this kind of weakness makes the offender unusable due to being not contrite and humble. The offender will be responsible for knowing the right time to start Toonspirit duties and writing production of lessons, articles etc.. It is between said person and God.

2) The offender can be suspended as above stated if even a private incident makes doing ministry impossible or inappropriate in said circumstances. This will happen if the board deems ministry from offender inappropriate or impossible. An offense in this case will be treated as if it were public. Suspensions like this will range from at least three days to a week.

3) If left unresolved, an action can be treated with indefinate suspension. Offender will show through reporting about prayer and meditation life, actions, persistence, and determination that he/she is fit for the ministry. The person(s) in question will need to show true humility and contriteness. This is done through other ministry (outside of Toonspirit), character witness (pastor, doctor etc.) and overall evident motivation for the ministry. There will be regular checkups on prayer and meditation practices and healing from the incident.

Calling In A Specialist:

If for any reason, Toonspirit Ministries needs to call in a specialist with a God-given gift that helps the ministry, we have the right to call or contact such a person to assist in lessons, projects, or for any other reason.

Example: A person is better at editing with certain pieces of equipment than normal operatives, or there is a project idea approved by the board but a specialist knows much more about a certain subject than normal operatives. Then this person would be contacted with a request for the presentation, project, lesson etc..

This temporary assistant will be expected to act in a way becoming of the ministry in a mature manor. If not, the rules for offenses in public at least will apply.

This doesn't give board authority or staff membership unless approved by the board. This is only a temporary assistance on an as needed basis. This temporary assistant doesn't have to be a Christian believer for he/she has no direct connection with operation of the ministry.

Voting And Approval:

Ratification of ideas will be approved of by simple majority of the board. If voting is impossible for any person due to absence or lack of ability to be contacted then there is no vote for that person and the remaining active board will vote without absent party. The absentee will be treated as present but not decisive. At least 2 of 3 people need to vote (if 3 on board) and at least three people if more are on the board.

Ties in these cases will be broken by the president with the 2 vote rule.

If there is ever an even number of board members, the president will have 2 votes to break a tie.

Reservation of rights of board to amend, add to, change, delete etc. any part or all of the by-laws:

The board hereby reserves the right to amend, add to, change, delete etc. any part or all of the by-laws if deemed appropriate to do so. In extreme circumstances, such as leadership rule changes, change of staff etc., the President or webmaster can do it.  This will require notification by whoever edited the by-laws and can be made to change it back the way it was if a majority of the board desires it.  Ties will be broken by the President with the 2 vote rule.  We will always be analyzing for what does and does not work.

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