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Toonspirit Ministries Staff

Our staff are dedicated to helping with a listening ear, or a specialty that one of them might have. This page has staff contact information and their positions inside of this ministry. Even if they are not able to help at the time they may point you in the right direction.

Our operatives are in descending order in rank and as follows: (for personal information about us, look up links provided)

Board and Alternates:

Carl R. Heinlein (Richie)--President; Phone # (859) 267-9469

Bonnie L. Heinlein--Vice President; Phone # (859) 267-9470

Judith W. Heinlein--General Partner and Advisor; Phone # (606) 723-1990

**Note: Judith W. Heinlein has requested not to have a page.

Angela Britt--Alternate Board, Spanish Specialist; Phone # (859) 661-8653

Gloria Presson-- (502) 827-4632

Webmaster and Technical Services

We have what I'd like to call a web mechanic as well. He helps us when we have a question about how to fix problems with the web when they come up, formatting, and file types (video, html etc.) and is our webmaster here at Toonspirit Ministries.  Many thanks to A.C. Heinlein for his many talents. He has requested not to have a page at this time.