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Toon Lessons and other studies are the primary product of Toonspirit Ministries.

A Spiritual Lesson In Toon Language is an evergrowing curriculum that started in 2004 (in January of that year). It is based and derived from TV cartoons, kid shows, cartoon theatrical shorts (Looney Tunes, old MGM cartoons etc.), perhaps even TV oddities that aren't cartoons, and regular TV that aren't cartoons (even those that aren't cartoons will have cartoons paired with them). This became a formal ministry (Toonspirit Ministries) in 2010 (Feb. 20 of that year). The lessons inside this curriculum is surprisingly in-depth; the average length to take one of these is 45min.--2hrs and if there is a lot of discussion such as a class it could be longer. Some students might find it useful to spend a few days on longer lessons if there is a time constraint. Please enjoy these lessons and be patient with them if needed to get the most out of them. God Bless You. Be Safe

----> A Further Introduction

---->The PDF format version of lessons are written using multiple colors to help guide instruction and discussion. Here is the Color Key for those lessons.

Toon Lessons

Lesson 1: Music: God's Gift to Man

Lesson 2: Revenge

Lesson 3a: Don't You Believe It! I - False Doctrine and Teaching

Lesson 3b: Don't You Believe It! II - Cults

Lesson 4: Lazarus

Lesson 5: God Gives Us Strength

Lesson 6a: Love and Friendship Part I - What Love And Friendship Isn't

Lesson 6b: Love And Friendship Part II - What Love And Friendship Is

Lesson 6c: Love And Friendship Part III - Love Is The Root Of All True Friendship

Lesson 7: Jesus: The True Joe and The Bread of Life (The Real Joe)

Lesson 8: God's Defense of the Covenant With Man (Jesus Clears The Temple)

Lesson 9a: Bullies I - What Is A Bully?

Lesson 9b: Bullies II - Consequences Of Being A Bully

Lesson 10: Bad Days

Lesson 11: Prejudice

Lesson 12a: Keeping Promises, Breaking Promises I - Keeping Promises Can Be Hard

Lesson 12b: Keeping Promises, Breaking Promises II - Sin: A Promise That Needs To Be Broken

Lesson 13: Greed: The Devil's Treasure Chest

Lesson 14a: Final Judgment I - It's A Party!

Lesson 14b: Final Judgment II - Devil's Doom; Heaven Says Hallelujah!

Lesson 15: The True Meaning Of Christmas

Lesson 16: Temptation And Shortcuts

Lesson 17: The Healer

Lesson 18a: The Azraels Of Life I - Love My Azraels Don't You?

Lesson 18b: The Azraels Of Life II - We Are Not Amused

Lesson 19a: Liars' Convention I - Is Lying Good? You Make The Call (Easy?)

Lesson 19b: Liars' Convention II - Is Lying Good? (Hard)

Lesson 20: The Flood

Lesson 21a: Habits And Idols I - Definition Of An Idol

Lesson 21b: Habits And Idols II - Addictions Are Idols Too!

Lesson 21c: Habits And Idols III - Idol Destruction!

Lesson 22a: The Chlorhydris Files I - Loss Of Beauty Is No Loss Of Love

Lesson 22b: The Chlorhydris Files II - Outside The Box

Lesson 22c: The Chlorhydris Files III - How The Chlorhydris Stole Christmas

Lesson 22d: The Chlorhydris Files IV - Influence Of The Tongue

Lesson 22e: The Chlorhydris Files V - The Golden Rule In Reverse

Lesson 22f: The Chlorhydris Files VI - Chlorhydris Can't Steal Our Love Mirth, And Unity In Jesus Christ!!!

Lesson 22g: The Chlorhydris Files VII - This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made

Lesson 23: Atlas, Put The World Down - Rest For The Weary

Lesson 24: Spiritual Contentment vs. The Love Of Money

Lesson 25a: Obedience vs. Disobedience I - The Fruit Of Laboring In Jesus Christ

Lesson 25b: Looking For Canaan Land In Vain

Lesson 26a: Responsibilities I: The Honorable Martyr

Lesson 26b(a): Responsibilities IIa: Humility - The Witness

Lesson 26b(b): Responsibilities IIb: Being Humbled - Not!

Lesson 26b(c): Responsibilities IIc: Being Humbled - It's About Time

Lesson 26c: Responsibilities III: Seeking Wise Counsel

Lesson 26d: Responsibilities IV: Don't Be Lukewarm In Ministry

Lesson 26e: Responsibilities V: The Double Standard

Lesson 26f: Responsibilities VI: Teamwork And Team Spirit

Lesson 26g(a): Responsibilities VIIa - Redemption Day I: I'm Saved

Lesson 26g(b): Responsibilities VIIb - Remember You're Saved - If You Aren't, What Are You Waiting For?

Lesson 27: When Your World Falls Apart

Lesson 28: Holy Purity

Lesson 29: The Cardboard Castle

Lesson 30: Fasting

Lesson 31: Unity

Lesson 31b: Unity II

Lesson 32: Wisdom

Lesson 33: Worship The Lord Thy God Under Penalty Of Imprisonment Or Death

Lesson 34: Pleasures Are Meaningless Without God In One's Life

Lesson 35: Short Fuse

Lesson 36: You Stubborn And Stiff-Necked People

Lesson 37: Bait And Switch

Lesson 38a: The Master Dream Prophet I: I Just Can't Keep Anything Nice

Lesson 38b: The Master Dream Prophet II: Feast And Famine

Lesson 38c: The Master Dream Prophet III: Oh, How The Famine Has Fallen

Lesson 39: What Kind Of Plant Do You Want To Be: Wheat Or Tare?

Lesson 40: Critically Unacclaimed

Lesson 41: Through Locked Doors

Lesson 42: Who Praises Who?

Lesson 43: The Joy Of Noble Kings

Lesson 44a: Life Sentence: Marriage Part I: The Beginning

Lesson 44b: Life Sentence II: Unevenly Yoked

Lesson 44d: Life Sentence IV: Ball 'N' Chain

Lesson 45a: The Seven Deadly Sins I: Avarice

Lesson 45b: The Seven Deadly Sins II: Rage

Lesson 45c(a): The Seven Deadly Sins III: Gluttony I - God and Food

Lesson 45c(b): The Seven Deadly Sins III: Gluttony II - Money And Prestige With A Side Of Selfishness

Lesson 45c(c): The Seven Deadly Sins III: Gluttony III - Things, With Another Side Of Selfishness

Lesson 45c(d): The Seven Deadly Sins III: Gluttony IV - Waste Of Resources

Lesson 45d: The Seven Deadly Sins - Lust

Lesson 45e: The Seven Deadly Sins - Vanity

Lesson 46a: Guilty I - Everyone Is

Lesson 46ba: Guilty IIa - A Kangaroo Court

Lesson 46bb: Guilty IIb - The Sacrifice

Lesson 46bc: Guilty IIc - The Great Escape

Lesson 47: Don't Give Up Your Mission

Lesson 48: Trumps Or Stinkin' Butts (Toon Version)

Lesson 49: Accept God's Blessing Of Safety On Your Life

Lesson 50: Toon Physics God

Lesson 51: Jesus--The Good Shepherd

Lesson 52: Evils Of Alcohol

Lesson 53a: Depression And Disability I: Depression Is A Disability

Lesson 54: The Good Samaritan

Lesson 55: Make A Wish--For Living Water

Lesson 56: Intellect Of A Child

Lesson 57: Independence Day

Lesson 58: Traitor

Lesson 59a: The Ten Commandments: I-IV

Lesson 59b: The Ten Commandments: V-VI

Lesson 59c: The Ten Commandments: VII-VIII

Lesson 59d: The Ten Commandments: IX

Lesson 59e: The Ten Commandments: X

Lesson 60: Heaven's Town Criers

Lesson 61: A Weapon Forged Against You

Lesson 62: Lose To Win

Lesson 63: No Fishing

Lesson 64: Lyin' Eyes

Lesson 65: Outcast Party VS Legalese

Lesson 66: Faith And Works

Lesson 67: Salt and Light

Lesson 68: God's Messianic Characteristics

General Studies

Spiritual Lessons from the Chessboard


Conviction on Bin Laden Raid

Christian Hope

Hope for the Saved and Lost

A Study on Depression

In Honor of Fall

NES--Super Mario Bros. 3: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Where do You Fit?

Mixed Up Royal Flush

Spiritual Voice and Times 1

Spiritual Voice and Times 2

Yu-Gi-Oh! Lessons Introduction

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck 1

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck 2

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck 3

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck 4

Case for the Trinity

The Perfect World

Dry Bones

Dry Bones 2


Marriage Like A Necklace

Around The World 1 -- Just Whistle

Around The World 2 -- Unprepared

Around The World 3 -- Fishers Of Men

Around The World 4a -- Equipped For All Good Works 1: 1-Up Mushroom

Around The World 4b -- Equipped For All Good Works 2: Up Arrow

Wrong Keys 1

Wrong Keys 2

Wrong Keys 3

Checkerboard Sermon

Personal Development

Giving Sermon

Hope, Faith and Healing in the Face of Corona

Memorial Day Sermon

Pentecost Sermon

Atari2600--Pitfall!: Stepping Stones (PDF format)

Homosexuality and the Bible (PDF format)