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Cynthiana L. Stone (Cyndi)

Cyndi Stone joined us in 2009 and has since made an impact through her poetry and art. Although no longer on our board staff, she will still contribute her writings to us. Cyndi attends Community Christian Church in Richmond, KY and has been growing in her Christian walk. And now, she would like to say a few words of her own:

Hi my name is Cynthiana (The Ocean Dreamer)

I was born in N.Y. In a town called Southampton. It is on the East coast of Long Island. I now live here in K.Y. in a town called Richmond. I attend Community Christian Church. I have been attending church for like a year now. I'm a contributing writer of Toonspirit ministry. I used to work at Apollo's Pizza.

When I lived in N.Y. I would go to the ocean in the early morning or evening when there were not many people around. I enjoy spending time at the ocean and I used to do all my creative writing and spending time in the Lord Jesus Christ there. Here in K.Y. I enjoy going to my church for some quiet time. I would spend time doing my creative writing and spending time in the Lord Jesus Christ. If the weather outside is bad, I would find a quiet spot inside to do my creative writing.

My Hobbies:

Art, Crafts and Drawing

Photography (taking black and white and color photos)

Making model rockets and wooden cars

Creative Cooking (when time)

Writing poetry and funny stories

Things I enjoy doing during my free time:

Mini golfing and Basketball

Playing softball and Baseball

Ice Hockey

Driving gocarts

Playing with toy trains and toy cars

I like to walk (during the warmer weather)


Going to the ocean (collecting shells and rocks)