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Gifford Roberts

This page is dedicated to our good friend Gifford Roberts--a graduate of EKU (Eastern Kentucky University). He was kind enough to graciously give this ministry this beautiful hand-drawn contribution.

This drawing was submitted to this site by my friend Gifford Roberts. It's a drawing of our crucified Lord being taken down from the cross by two Roman soldiers.

However for the interest of biblical accuracy I want to say that the Lord Jesus Christ was taken down from the cross by Joseph of Arimathea (a Roman centurian) and Nicodemus (a high ranking religious leader). After His death (and of course before the resurrection), these two men dressed as Roman soldiers to cover themselves. My friend calls this drawing 'Be Back Soon'. Thanks Gifford!!!!!!! I appreciate your hard work and friendship. Here's to Gifford Roberts a true friend.

This picture should remind us all that salvation came because of Jesus' death and then His resurrection on what we call our first Easter.

Our Lord Jesus Christ Is Risen!!!!

The Bible parallels for Gifford's drawing are:

John 14: 1-4; 19: 38--20: 9