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Bonnie Lou Johnson-Heinlein: Vice President Professor Parody Takes A Wife

This is my wife Bonnie. We started dating probably in mid-December of 2007. If anything attests to God's redemption this does. I met Bonnie in the most unlikely of places. In 2006, I was doing a presentation at a church here in Richmond, KY with one of the Toon Lessons on this website. I had a class of 25 or so people. The presentation was seemingly a total flop because I was teaching a class that was probably double my age and they were expecting something that didn't use such secular work. Only two (not including my mom and maybe a couple of my closer friends) liked it.

Bonnie was one of those who liked it that were total strangers at the time. A year later in November of 2007, she found me in the Powell building at EKU (Eastern Kentucky University) on the then daytime Jericho Road ministry. She told me that she remembered me from the presentation in 2006 and wanted more lessons. We were scheduled for the time of 5-8pm on Fridays in a neutral area (the Scoop Shop, a local ice cream business). This venue went under so we went to my apartment (I won her trust). We were still scheduled for 5-8pm, but then suddenly, the sessions got longer and longer. She eventually never left until 1 or 2 in the morning. Her sister soon realized that she would probably lose Bonnie forever in the good sense of the word. (Marriage was imminent.)

Bonnie and I had an interesting thing happen even before we started dating. We were in mutual prayer for someone to love after the presentation in 2006. We prayed specific prayers and God matched us with each other (the result matching our prayers to the letter). As soon as we found this out we got engaged because that was confirmation of the Holy Spirit. We got engaged on February 29, 2008 and married on September 6, 2008. Total courtship on this was less than a year!!!!

Bonnie is an awesome woman and she is sweet. We love each other very much and will be assuredly with each other for life.

And now, my love would like to say a few things of her own:

Hello, my name is Bonnie Lou Johnson-Heinlein. I am 51 years old. I got married in 2008. I am very happy with my husband.

I have been a Christian since October, 2006. I committed my life to Christ on my birthday of that year which was October 9, 2006. Shortly thereafter, I was baptized on October 15, 2006 at the First Baptist Church near Wendy's in Richmond, KY. I am a full member of the Richmond First United Methodist Church on the t-bone intersection of Lancaster and Main streets in Richmond, KY where my husband Richie Heinlein attends and is a full member as well.

One of my favorite things to do is write Christian poetry. I really enjoy doing this when I have time. We will update this site with my poetry and will be glad to hear from you with any feedback. All in all, I must say that my life has been better since I have committed myself to Christ.

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