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Carl R. Heinlein (Richie): President


My real name is Carl Richard Heinlein. I grew up in Danville, Indiana. I am currently 42 and live in Richmond, Kentucky. I am legally blind with an eyesight of visual acuities of my Left eye 20/60 with a visual field of 30 degrees and my Right eye at 20/50 and a visual field of 20 degrees (My right eye makes me legally blind); my combined vision with both eyes is weaker at 20/70. This is better than it used to be, but I suffer daily with deceptive vision and therefore, I have a difficult time in multiple ways. I'm an albino in the skin and eyes, which means sunlight is very unkind to me to say the least.

My primary interest is making friends. I talk to about everyone I see. I want to make sure everyone is treated like they are special because everyone is!!

My hobbies include: tennis, chess, shooting pool, church league softball (catcher), and archiving cartoons. (I have a tape and disc library of my favorite TV Programs--1320 VHS Tapes and a bunch of DVDs that are taped off of TV. I use these to make lessons.)

I played 5 seasons of varsity tennis at my respective high schools and did the best I could (I don't think the schools had JV programs). I won some matches in this time. I do my best in everything I do, so it would not be unusual. A lot of times in these sports I do win, especially in the pool games and chess games (commented on above), but there are lots of times when I lose too. It's all in the spirit of playing the sports in God's Spirit!!

So, I love life. A good attitude in this is important in order to keep things that way, so others can see God working through me and His light to shine.

The Bible states: A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.--Proverbs 17: 22

The above Bible passage is my life's slogan or motto!!!

My Spirituality

When you see the above sign, what does it mean to you? This is what it means to me: it means as a Christian, I will always say this to you. I try my best to be a friend to all just like Jesus!!

Now, I will get to a few specifics about my spirituality. I am a member of First United Methodist Church in Richmond, Kentucky. I used to serve as one of the co-teachers of the 4th and 5th Grade Class there (temporarily retired hopefully). I sing in the Chancel Choir at my church. I volunteered my time on a program called Jericho Road. This program ministered to people that came out of the bars where I live on Thursday nights when Eastern Kentucky University's semesters are in session. I have met all sorts of people there. Who knows? I might have seen you on the streets one of those nights. We gave out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Koolaid (or hot chocolate depending on the temperature), gave rides to people that needed transport back to dorms or homes, and we gave out a whole big bunch of God's love, compassion, kindness, and listening ears so people understood that Jesus loves them!!

I can testify to the kind of difference that this program made because I am living proof. To see my testimony click the link in the table provided underneath the heading entitled 'Misc. Other Writings (Writings That Became More, Testimonies Etc.)'.

I live out my faith with love, kindness, and a listening ear in my private life as well as in public. A caring attitude, I have found, along with saying 'God Bless You. Be Safe.' really gives me a satisfaction and joy that cannot be matched by anything else. Even when bad things happen to me, I will always face it with joy and thanksgiving in my heart. A lot of times this is hard, but this has become second nature to me. Of course, sometimes I don't practice this as well as I should, but this is extremely rare. This is where God's mercy comes in. I am extremely thankful for His mercy!!! God is truly a good God!!!

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I have also written numerous papers while in college, here is a link page for those. They are all in PDF format for now.

I had an interesting dream that I wrote about too. It is linked here.